Worlds Most Expensive Car Seat at £10,605

Worlds Most Expensive Car Seat at £10,605

Little G-Man is almost out of his Silver Cross Simplicity car seat as he continues to pile on the weight trying his hardest to impersonate Stretch Armstrong, and so our hunt for a new car seat began.

As we both suffer with bad backs, we decided to invest in a swivel car seat and considered the Britax Dualfix and Maxi Cosi Axiss 360° before finally deciding on the Nuna Rebl. It gets great reviews and offers more reclining positions than others, so just before placing our order, we ran a compatibility check to make sure it could be fitted in our car and it failed!

So a £395 car seat has now cost us over £10,500!

Choosing A Car

Car seats to one side, we now had to research and decide on a car to buy. Pre Little G-Man, we used to replace our cars every 3 years, but when we bought the Ford Kuga back in 2012, after part-exchanging my beloved BMW 123d M-Sport Coupe, the plan was to keep it as long as possible and run it into the ground.

car comparison nissan x-trail kia sportage mazda cx-5After reading yet more reviews, we short listed a few to look at and test drive. The Tiguan was dismissed after 5 minutes due to the space, or lack of, in the boot. It was no bigger than what we have in our Golf, something being addressed in the next version due out this year.

We then ruled out the IX35, mainly because the sales staff seemed disinterested, possibly because it was 4:30pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon, or thought we were on a day out and not serious about buying a car.

We’d therefore whittled it down to three, all of which offered a big increase in boot space compared to the KUGA (360 litres) and ran a Parkers Guide Comparison to compare in more details things such as economny, road tax etc.

The Kia was a pleasant surprise and was a close second, the Nissan X-Trail was appealing as it was a pre-registered 16 plate and had lots of bells and whistles, but with a 1.6 engine we feared it would be too slugish when loaded up with the boy, the dog an all their accessories.

Hearts set on the Mazda CX-5, the bartering began on an ex-demo 2.2 Nav Sport but sadly we couldn’t agree a price with our local dealership. Sticking to our guns, we ventured off to the land of AutoTrader where we found an ex-demo model with Bristol Street Motors, a Mazda dealership in Reditch offering the exact same specification but with slightly lower mileage.

Prices agreed, the deal was done over the phone without even seeing it (obviously refundable if we decided against it). Luckily, the 2 hour drive proved worth while as the car was immaculate and so I sorted out the insurance there an then and waved goodbye to Burt. The drive home was spent mostly pressing buttons, playing with the lane drift correction system, checking the indicator monitoring and getting Spotify working.

Back To Car Seats

So 5 weeks down the line, we find ourselves back to reviewing car seats. Our minds are almost definitely made up after reading a whole heap of Nuna Rebl online reviews, the majority of which are positive.

The Nuna Rebl is one of the new breed of i-size car seats that should be suitable until Little G-Man is around 4 years old.

Granted, at nearly £400 it is not cheap but it is built to a high specification. Rear facing riding is possible until 4 years of age for extra safety and when Little G-Man is older and wants to see where he’s going, we can simply spin the seat around.

Nuna Rebl car seat

Nuna Rebl car seat

With 7 reclining positions that work either forward or backwards facing, memory foam and soft cushioning parts that can be detached and washed easily, hopefully it will be both comfortable for him and convenient for us. There are also ventilation panels within the shell to create a cool environment – how posh!

The 360° rotating seat should make getting him in and out, and switching seat positions, easy and convenient for us and hopefully save our backs as he piles on the pounds.

The best deal we’ve found so far is from Mama Natural who offer a 10% discount on your first order over £100, meaning the price would drop from £395 to £355. We’ve not yet checked what deals are available from other retailers featured on QuidCo, so it may be worth paying more initially to get a decent cashback. In the meantime I’ll be setting up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the car 😉



  1. Hilary
    3rd September 2016 / 5:24 pm

    To confirm, are you saying here that the Rebl doesn’t fit a 2012 ford Kuga? Did you actually try it?

    I’ve just bought both and now I’m worried they won’t go together…


    • 5th September 2016 / 9:41 am

      Hi Hilary

      We didn’t try it as we replaced the car Kuga first. It will fit, however according to the Nuna Rebl Fitting List the Ford Kuga is only compatible from 2013 models onwards. I think it is due to the footwell in the rear seats having a “false floor” where you can lift a small lid that offers additional storage. It doesn’t offer the stability required for the Nuna Rebl extension arm.

      It may be worth going to a re-seller and having them double check to be certain.

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