Win a HiPP Organic Picnic Bundle – Month 6 of our Weaning Journey

Win a HiPP Organic Picnic Bundle – Month 6 of our Weaning Journey

Summer finally arrived and with it came some fantastic weather albeit on and off… We found it a little too warm at times especially in the evening which provide fun trying to keep his room within the recommended temperature limits.

However, the sun didn’t stop G-man enjoying the great outdoors and he’s really on the move now… the commando crawl has turned into a crawl on all fours at 76mph!

You really can’t take your eyes off him as he’s off exploring what the world has to offer. And if he can get his hands on a baby walker then the world is his oyster – or should that be racetrack!

It’s Picnic O’Clock!

Taking full advantage of the lovely summer weather, G-man hosted an impromptu picnic with his little friends Emily and Noah. They got to play and try all of the lovely Hipp Organic goodies on offer in this month’s competition.

The perfect little summer tea party

Although G is only 11 months, he’s a strapping lad who needs to eat well which is why it’s good to know that HiPP Organic has a wide range of organic-tray meals for little one’s aged 12 months+.

HiPP Organic Tray Meals

We found the HiPP Organic Tray Meals super convenient, especially if you have been enjoying your lazy summer days and need a quick solution for a healthy tea Little G-Man has definitely enjoyed a few of these even if he is a month off the recommended age for use.

As long as we’re aware of what he is eating and he is never left alone, we have not yet experienced any untoward incidents and he has happily scoffed down his tray meal with no problems. He’s even started to feed himself using a spoon – growing up way too fast for our liking!

If like us, you’re always super busy so it’s good to know that HiPP work hand in hand with nature, encouraging wildlife onto their farmland to act as natural pest control. This allows their produce to grow as naturally as possible without harmful pesticides.

Why not give the HiPP Organic Magic Number Pasta a try yourself? Made with a creamy Pumpkin Sauce, the past numbers are designed to help your little one learn new skills and have some fun at the same time. After all, food before one is just for fun!

Picnic Blanket & Cool Bag


Win a HiPP Organic Picnic Bundle

Win a HiPP Organic bundle, which includes a selection of HiPP products, a picnic rug and a cool bag. Everything you need for the perfect little summer tea party or outdoor picnic this summer.

Tweet us a photo of your #SummerMoments to be in with a chance of winning.

Summer Moments

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