Who wins online competitions?

Who wins online competitions?

“You have to be in it to win it”… that’s what they say isn’t it? Although I’m not the usual “comper” type (there are some proper hardcore ones out there), as I write this I have just entered the Mamas And Papas VIP competition. I do often wonder who actually wins these competitions and what odds does the occasional comper stand against those hardcore crew?

Selling Your Sole

From my own business experience, personal data is actually worth an awful lot of money especially when it can be recycled for future marketing campaigns. However as I’ve already handed over most of my personal details when I created an online account and requested a brochure, it makes sense to enter the odd competition here and there, especially with reputable companies.

Still, I’m trying to be as careful as possible to ensure that I am ticking and unticking all the correct boxes so as not to open our letter box to an influx of 3rd party marketing crap that we’ve no interest in at all. I’m aware at how quickly it can escalate and before I know it, my mobile and home phone will be ringing with offers of compensation for the crash I never had.

To help with the expected increase in emails I’ve also created an alias email address for Pancake so I can filter any inbound emails to a dedicated folder making it easier to manage.

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Mamas & Papas Competition

As part of the Mamas And Papas competition, you’re requested to take a photo from their latest brochure of one of the 16 products with a VIP sticker on it showing which prize you’d like to win. Simply Tweet or Instagram it, and that’s, Bobs you’re Uncle!

A quick glance at the required #MamasAndPapasVIP shows there are, unsurprisingly, hundreds upon hundreds of entries which makes me wonder what the actual chances are. I guess someone has to win it!

I selected the Mylo2 with the reasoning behind my selection being of typical male rational. It looks cool and the seat straps are almost F1 like! Also it has lots of stars so therefore must be good ๐Ÿ™‚


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