Our 1st year of weaning Little G-Man

Our 1st year of weaning Little G-Man

We’re now 10 months into our baby weaning adventure with HiPP Organic, and still we are seeing changes on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.


Monday morning Little G-Man will devour his toast, but by Wednesday it’s no surprise when he turns his nose up at it, looks at it as though it’s poison and throws it to our Labradoodle!

Dude! You’re stressing us out!

Relax! One thing all parents learn, some sooner than others, if that your baby is no different to any other and will change their food likes & dislikes as often as the weather.

If a baby is hungry, as long as you offer them food, they will eventually eat it so there really is no point stressing.

Ensure you have some reserves

If like us, you prefer to batch cook homemade food for your little one, there will be days that you find yourself losing the will to live as spoonful after spoonful of food finds it’s way on the floor.

By making sure you have a HiPP Organic jar or Tray Meal in the cupboard can be a life saver. 1 minute in the microwave and you’re almost guaranteed to see a happy full baby unaware of the stress they have caused.


HiPP Organic has the biggest assortment in baby food, with more than 140 products including milks, cereals, pouches, tray meals and jars, covering
every stage of baby’s development. You can view the whole range on the HiPP website.

Collection of parents thoughts

Over the course of the last 10 months, we, as member of the HiPP Organic #Weanteam have fed our ideas back to HiPP to help them further understand us as parents and help them see what it is we’re wanting and needing.

It is quite interesting reading others thoughts and views when it comes to hints and tips from one parent to another. One fond memory nearly all of us had is the impressionable faces of the little ones when they tasted something for the very first time.

Little G-Mans favourite mealtime is by far breakfast (the most popular was evening meal) and he now goes to nursery and pulls up his own chair at the table ready to be fed – a far cry from the clingy crying dude he used to be. Some days this even happens after he’s had a bowl of porridge at home!!

Take a look at the HiPP Organic Infographic here.

One thing we can’t live without

HiPP Organic Good Night Milk!

When we first started reducing the little mans feeds and attempted to get him to sleep on his own, one thing we were a little worried about was Little G waking up at 3am hungry.


One of the other WeanTeam members, Kate Fever, recommended we try HiPP Organics Bedtime Milk which is like a Horlicks but for hungry babies. It comes with cereals and so not only is it a warming milky drink, it also fills him up right through to 7am. An absolute god send!

We did have a 6 weeks period where he refused, but after a lot of perseverance, he’s been chugging it back as part of his bedtime routine for the best part of 6 months.

Want more weaning advice?

If you still need reassurance, then as the experts in organic baby food, HiPP knows the importance of eating tasty, wholesome food, using only the very finest ingredients full of nutritious goodness.

HiPP has some useful tips to help you if you are weaning your little one from 5mth – 8mth weaning advice and also a handy guide for those just staring their weaning journey with hints and tips for the first four weeks of weaning.


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