It’s Getting Messy – Week 1 of our Weaning Journey

It’s Getting Messy – Week 1 of our Weaning Journey

As members of the HiPP Organic Wean Team, we’ve finally reached the stage of introducing Little G-Man to solids, getting him used to different tastes and textures, much to his initial disgust!

Week 1 Baby WeaningAs members of the Wean Team, naturally we’re following the HiPP Organic Weaning Guide, available for everyone to download free, which offers a whole range of tips and a great plan of when to start mixing things up on your weaning adventure.

We decided to start Little G-Man off on the HiPP Organic Baby Rice.

Sadly Little G-Man has decided baby rice isn’t for him and continues to turn his nose up at any suggestion that he may want to give it a second try, which is a little disappointing, but I guess we can’t expect him to like everything immediately.

Hipp Organic Banana And Peach Breakfast… now that’s is a completely different story! The minute he gets a whiff of it his face lights up and Little G-Man can’t get enough of it!

Weaning Day 1 – 3

Initially Little G-Man wasn’t sure and did the usual spitting it back out routine while he got used to the texture and flavour.

We persevered and by day 3, he’d become accustomed to the texture, smell and flavour and had watched as we sampled it ourselves in over exaggerated eating impressions which he found highly amusing.

Each day we saw an increase in the amount he wanted and by Day 3 he’d moved from “just a little bit on the tip of a spoon” to full on cram it in your mouth style, although most went around his mouth rather than in.

Weaning Day 4 – 6

We decided to mix his diet up every three days so Little G-Man can experience as many new tastes and textures as possible, and also to monitor any possible allergies he may have. Once he’s had a particular food for three days, we know he’ll be fine with it in the future, and therefore today saw the arrival of Sweet Potato.

Blitzed and stored in Ice Cube trays in the freezer, along with Broccoli and Parnsip, the Sweet Potato was like Day 1 all over again. Turning his nose up and pulling a face a gurning champ would be proud of as he got used to a new taste and texture.

By Day 6 he’d got used to it. I wouldn’t say puréed Sweet Potato was his favourite, but we’ll come back to it again in for a second attempt.

Weaning Day 7…

After reading a fair bit about the possible side effects of Broccoli ( ), we’ve decided to leave this in the freezer for now and instead introduce him puréed parsnip. Again, just the tip of the spoon to start off with generating the usual response.

Over the next two days, we plan to increase his snacks to two a day. After his 7am milk feed we’ll try the Hipp Organic Banana And Peach Breakfast which he loves so much, followed by puréed pot luck frozen delight for lunch.Meanwhile our Labradoodle is waiting in the wings, almost as if she knows what is due to come her way in the coming weeks and months.

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