They named me what?

They named me what?

Baby names… where do you begin?

I had no idea that Baby Names is like entering a strangely unique world, after all until a baby is on its way, most of us just accept our own name, and those of our friends, without any question. It was decided for us, and most of us trundle through life being know what was given to us by our parents.

Now we’re responsible for a lifelong label! I guess first of all ruling out names that simply don’t go with your surname due to comedy value (and most probably bullying while at school) is a good start. Then theres the friends who had babies before you and have claimed one of your favourites. What about passing on parents names, but without upsetting the other side of the family?

Then there are the unconventional names, which we’ve ruled out. No Apples, Nutella is a definite no as is Ambrosia (can’t help but think custard) and Velvet just sounds like a stripper from Vegas!

I think we’ve also agreed to steer clear from unisex names such as Hilary to save any confusion in the early years, and again, to reduce the likelihood of being picked on at school.

Name Hunter

A quick Google revealed a website called NameBerry which truely opened my eyes to this mysterious world. So many names, so many meanings and so many “Why the hell would you call a baby that?”… Most of last years Top 10 are pretty cool, some we couldn’t possibly use but certainly two that we’d already short listed before knowing they were so popular.

It’s actually quite good spending a bit of time on sites like NameBerry, just to give you a bit of inspiration. You can even see live names being searched, most of which are sensible, but occasionally you see Katniss appear (a great trilogy).

2014 Top 10 Baby Names


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