“The Fudge Factory” here we come!

“The Fudge Factory” here we come!

It’s still very early days, but desperate to start a little planning and allow ourselves to get a little excited, we’ve grabbed two tickets to head over to Manchester to the Baby & Toddler Show.

Once I booked the tickets I did start having second thoughts. What had I done? Booked two tickets to a “show” that was not only going to be rammed, but rammed with people with bumps and hormones. Not sure it was my wisest moment but at least it will give us a chance to get ideas on a whole range of things.

We’re bad parents-to-be

We may be frowned upon by some, called bad parents by others but out of all the exhibitors I have to admit to looking forward to visiting The Fudge Factory the most 🙂

Prams, car seats, nappies, cots, bedding, baby cognitive toys etc all play an important part for sure, and for some it may even excite, however if we’re to be honest it was The Fudge Factory that we both initially noticed on the exhibitor list.

Once we’re stuffed full of fudge I’m sure we’ll then head off into the crowds looking at what the latest “must have essentials” are, and the prices associated with said necessities. We’ve already had the discussion that for some stuff, we’re more than happy to buy second hand or get last years models at reduced prices if we ever find any returns/factory outlet shops, but that’s for another post/day.

So back to the show… No idea what to expect, however I remember when I was a kid going to boat shows in Manchester. No idea why as we struggled to buy and inflatable dinghy, but still I remember getting excited walking round viewing everything on offer, dreaming about the future and grabbing every single pen I could get my hands on 🙂

I will be a little more restrained this time!


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