The Final Countdown To Baby Due Date

The Final Countdown To Baby Due Date

We are now just 3 days away from Due Date but as of yet, there is no movement at all.

Since the last update, we’ve been a little bored just waiting for something to happen. Pancake is in the right place so we’re now just playing the waiting game.

I’ve Started Nesting

Better late than never, we feel we’re actually starting to “nest” as they say.

The nursery, although unlikely to be used for the first few months, now has everything in situ. Nappies, Water Wipes, cotton wool balls and nappy bags are all in easy reach of the change table so minimum effort is required at 3am.

The nappy bin lock has been checked, checked again, and checked for the final time to ensure our curious Labradoodle can’t get in and make a mess. Rockers and bouncers are waiting, grandparents are waiting, we’re waiting…

Tax Free child care vouchers

Tax Free child care vouchers

We’ve also managed to properly sort out our finances knowing that J plans to take 12 months maternity and that we want Pancake to go to nursery before her return, it was something that needed to be done so we could take as much advantage of things like the tax free Childcare Voucher scheme offered by employers.

Also with time on our hands, we’ve decided one of the first things we’re going to do once Pancake has arrived, is to sort out a holiday. Another cruise is most likely. Somewhere warm on a ship that offers baby sitting facilities 🙂

Waiting For The Arrival

It is surprisingly boring waiting for a little one to arrive especially if you’ve already done as much as you think is possible prior to their arrival.

As one last treat and while we can still function, we’ve decide to head out to our favourite restaurant for one last time as a couple 🙂 Next time we go…


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