Tesco Baby Club

Tesco Baby Club

As I continue to turn in to a freebie scrounger possessed by the idea of collecting enough sample pots and individual baby wipes that we won’t need to shop for 2 years, today I headed over to Tesco Baby Club.

Tesco Baby Club

How can any pending parent ignore a claim like this? Now I can sit back and look forward to receiving a free babysitter, ear defenders, a homework tutor and later on in life a taxi driver followed by a pot of gold labelled University Fund.

After joining and reading further, it appears I had set my expectations a little too high;

Amazing savings, hand-picked for you

We’ll send you regular emails packed with offers relevant to your stage and you’ll be the first to hear about our brilliant Baby & Toddler Events – when you can save even more on everyday essentials.

Win fabulous prizes

Our lucky members have won cars, family holidays, cruises, pampering spa breaks, hampers, baby kit and lots more!

Expert baby advice for your stage

Our experts include weaning guru Annabel Karmel and The Essential Parent Company – so when it comes to questions about caring for your little one, we’ve got you covered with relevant advice for the stage you’re at.

And there’s more!

Delicious, healthy recipes from baby purées to family meals, the chance to enter our Baby and Toddler of the Month contests and lots of fun, informative features.

Is the Tesco Baby Club any good?

I’m going to hold back before making judgement, but I had hoped that a large supermarket such as Tesco, I could expect to receive a goody bag of samples considering they have such strong brand buying & persuasive power. I may be proved wrong, but I fear I may have handed over my personal details for marketing purposes with this one. Thank goodness I’ve set up a dedicated address to receive all of these expert advice emails in the future.

I love the Tesco Baby Club animals

One thing I love about the Tesco baby club is the colourful animals they use throughout their baby club website and literature. I’ve asked via Twitter if they have big version to print out and use as wall decorations but, but sadly they’ve haven’t replied.


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