Review: Teddy Bear Nursery Rug

Review: Teddy Bear Nursery Rug

All the furniture is now in place and the nursery is finally starting to take shape with only 3 weeks until Pancake is due to make an appearance.

The lovely people over at Childrens Rooms spotted my attempt at decorating the nursery by hand rather than use stencils or stickers, and have very kindly sent us two beautiful gifts that will compliment the nursery no end.

Smiles all round

Smiles all round

Teddy Bear Bedroom Rug

First out of the box was a beautiful Teddy Bear Bedroom Rug which is simply gorgeous to look at and to the touch.

This super soft nursery rug measuring approximately 80 x 75 cm, has a deep and cosy pile in lovely shades of pale brown, dark brown and cream meaning it fitted right in with our neutral nursery colour scheme.

The rug has a big carved big, friendly, Teddy Bear face shape – far better than the version I painted the other week!

It’s ideal for a baby’s bedroom – it’s such a soft material, I’m sure any baby would love to roll around on it and has already received a bunch of compliments from friends eager to see how the nursery is getting on.

J was delighted, and understandably so, as the Teddy Bear Rug will certainly help put the finishing touches to the nursery and mean Pancake will wake up to a big, friendly, smiley face every morning on the wall and on the floor, no matter how exhausted we as parents are.

A huge thank you to all at Childrens Rooms.

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