Review: Silver Cross Wayfarer Not Up To The Job

Back in March, preparing for Little G-Mans arrival, we found ourselves testing both the Britax Smile and Silver Cross Wayfarer travel systems. We felt the Britax Smile just slightly had an edge over the Silver Cross Wayfarer but when we found a good deal on eBay for the complete Silver Cross system, we jumped at the chance.

The Silver Cross Wayfarer is a great system and extremely compact and easy to collapse one-handed, whereas we found the Britax Smile a little awkward to collapse, something a few people have troubles with.

Initially we were happy with our eBay purchase however within 4 weeks of Little G-Mans arrival it was soon apparent that the Silver Cross wasn’t up to scratch for our requirements 🙁
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5 Crucial Tactics for Baby Shopping

We’ve still got over 4 months to go and already we know there’s no getting away from the fact that shopping for your first baby can be very expensive business – something we’re learning very quickly. On top of that, its likely one of us will be off work for a year meaning substantially less cash coming in each month.

With that in mind, we decided to budget as much as we could, refrain wherever possible from buying anything that although cute, wasn’t particularly necessary and try our best to adhere to a few other money-saving ideas along the way.

Creating a list

We’ve created a shopping list and thus far, we’re finding that we are sticking to it reasonably well. We’ve not bought a massive amount yet, but we have found that simply by having a list is making us stop and think before buying every single “oh so cute” item we see on almost a daily basis.

We also hope that by having a list, it will mean we can share it with those wanting to help us out such as parents and siblings. We’ve heard so many people say that they received tons of clothes for 0mth – 3mth babies and next to nothing for 6mth onwards. I guess its understandable but to get the most wear out of them, we plan to add a few items that would suit Pancake later on, maybe 6mth – 12mth.


There are hundreds of websites offering advice and guidance but one thing we’ve learned is to remember in most cases, the review reflects one persons experience which may not necessarily reflect our own lifestyle.

Which Best BuyWe found the Baby & Child section of the Which? website and invaluable source of information when deciding which travel system to go for and as all the products are tested in the same way, it means we had a true comparison.

Join Which? for £1 for the first month is well worth it, could save a few costly mistakes and is a website we’ll definitely be using again as we start looking at carriers and slings, monitors and high chairs in the coming months.

Consider second-hand items

This is very important to us, not that we’re tight, but because we’ve seen the deals to be had on eBay and have also seen friends picking up fantastic clothing bundles at car boot sales (check and from Gumtree.

After a few weeks of setting up a number of automatic eBay alerts and monitoring what the Silver Cross Wayfarer pram was going for, we managed to grab the travel system (one of three that were on our shortlist) off eBay for £266. For that we got;

  • chassis
  • pushchair seat
  • carrycot
  • Simplicity baby seat
  • coloured aprons
  • footmuffs
  • rain covers
  • cup holder
  • Brand new, the travel system and accessories would have come to £675 meaning we were lucky enough to have saved over £400 simply by buying second had. For something that is in near perfect condition, a scuff here and there, it means we have £400 to spend on other essentials.

    Initially once we’d won the eBay auction we were worried we’d made the wrong decision getting the Silver Cross Wayfarer. However after reflection and in the knowledge we’ll be using a sling more often than not when out and about, we think we done right 🙂 I guess we’ll only really know in 4 months time!

    Using paint

    Decorating a baby’s bedroom has to be one of the most enjoyable and fun parts of preparing for a new arrival and I know I’m itching to get started. Simple bright colours and wall stickers are the usual route, however paying £120 for a colourful scene isn’t my idea of value.

    Google and Pinterest are your friends when it comes to ideas and stencils and I plan to keep the colours to basics (blue, red green, yellow, brown, white) to easily create my own simple scene at a fraction of the cost.

    Tesco Baby Club Animals

    I love simplicity and innocent feel of the Tesco Baby Club animals and I may have to drop them an email to see if they have large versions of the characters I can use as a stencil to help me design my own scene.

    Watching the online sales

    Whilst visiting our independent local baby store the assistant told us of some new parents-to-be admiring prams and asking if they “looked good” with a particular model, treating it like some sort of fashion accessory. I suspect their priorities will change after a week of nightly feeds?

    Anyway, as you’ve probably gathered, we’re not bothered if we’re seen in last seasons clothes and Pancake (like it or not) will fall into this way of life too. We be making the most of the Online Sales, snapping the odd thing or two in the Spring Sales in preparation for next spring and of course making the most of cash back sites and discount codes..


    eBay Deal or have we just blown our money?

    The other day we managed to grab a “deal” on eBay for a Silver Cross Wayfarer travel system however, since winning, we’re now a little unsure if it will actually suit our lifestyle.

    It wasn’t an impulse buy as such, we had tried and tested, as much as you can in a shop and at baby shows, a number of prams of which the Silver Cross Wayfarer was one of three that we thought would suit us best.

    Silver Cross Wayfarer

    Obviously we knew what our friends had and knew what they liked and disliked about their own prams. Most recommended the pram they had so that didn’t help narrow our search down a great deal, and on top of that, none are dog owners so don’t have footpaths to navigate on a daily basis.

    We also took time to read a number of Silver Cross Wayfarer reviews which all seemed to indicate it would be an ideal choice for us, and a number of stores said that the pram would be fine on footpaths

    Since winning the eBay auction, I can only conclude that Google have rejigged their SEO algorithms because now when we search for Silver Cross Wayfarer reviews, they seem to all be negative!

    Our pram requirements

    When compiling our travel system requirements, some of the most important factors were;

  • lightweight (not too concerned about it being compact)
  • 4 wheeler (prefer for stability)
  • easy to clean (because of footpath walking)
  • reasonably sized basket
  • well known and trustworthy brand
  • After playing with a number of different makes and models, we ruled out iCandy, Bugaboo, Cosatto and Quinny for a number of reasons. Some just didn’t feel right, others felt like they were more fashion accessories than functional machines and some were priced way beyond what we were happy paying for something that would be covered in poo and vom.

    eBay Auctions

    Our winning bid of £276 has bagged us an 8mth old Silver Cross Wayfarer pram in very good and clean condition. The usual few scratches and scuffs from daily use and a slight tear in the shopping basket which can be fixed very easily;

  • chassis with shopping basket
  • carry cot
  • reversible/reclining seat unit
  • simplicity car seat
  • simplicity car seat with adapters for pram
  • sky blue hood and apron
  • sky blue parasol
  • rain cover that fits carry cot and seat unit
  • drinks holder
  • Silver Cross Wayfarer Reviews

    Like anything on the internet, I always expect to read more negative than positive reviews on the internet as thats human nature. Somehow we all manage to find the time to complain and highlight the negatives, yet find ourselves too busy to do the same when it comes to compliments and positives.

    The differing opinions between how the Wayfarer is rated and the musings of jelly-like wobbles and breaking chasis on NetMums is a bit concerning and confirms that no matter how much research you do, you’ll never know if it fits your lifestyle until you try it.

  • 5/5 from The Dad Network
  • 5/5 from MadeForMums
  • 3/5 from MumsNet
  • 3/5 from Toys-R-Us
  • 72% from Which?
  • 4/5 from Feefo Independent Reviews
  • I think once we pick it up and take it for a spin, borrowing a friends little one, we may end up up sticking it back on eBay and start our search all over again 🙁


    Magic Monitoring for eBay Baby Goods

    As previously mentioned, where possible we plan to make as much use of eBay as possible in attempt to lower the cost of major purchases such as pushchairs, cots, etc, and I think I’ve stumbled across a tool that may just prove useful. (IF THIS THEN THAT) is an interactive website that allows you to create “recipes” that will result in certain functions being carried out when predetermined criteria is met, for example;
    IF THIS: today is 25th December
    THEN THAT: post a “Happy Christmas” Facebook status

    The outcome doesn’t have to be a Facebook status update, you can get IFTTT to tweet you, send you a text message, email a daily update etc. When combined with eBay feeds, you can start to see the possibilities…

    Linking it to eBay

    The idea behind IFTTT is simple yet genius and with a bit of thought and planning I’ve created a number of “recipes” that culminates in a daily email digest being sent to me with details of any new eBay auctions that would interest me.

    My “recipes” work in the exact same was as the example above, but focus on eBay search criteria and the output it a daily email summary;

    Recipe: Uppababy Vista
    IF THIS: a new eBay aution starts where the title includes “Uppababy Vista”
    THEN THAT: include details in a daily email summary

    Free IFTTT Recipes

    One of the best features of IFTTT is that it allows you to publish your “recipes” for others to use freely. I’ve therefore published the following, should anyone else also wish to monitor eBay for travel systems;

    Recipe: Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip

    Recipe: iCandy Peach

    Recipe: Britax Smile

    Recipe: Silver Cross Pioneer

    Recipe: Silver Cross Wayfarer


    Feeling Babies First Kick

    Today we are 17 weeks and 2 days into our pregnancy and this morning J complained of an uncomfortable “fluttering” feeling. Straight away I said get ready for the first kick and bang on schedule, making me look like I knew what I was talking about, Pancake sure enough gave her first kick.

    17 weeks! I think it was a little bit freaky for J with it being our first, feeling something inside stretching, but reassuring at the same time. Sods law, I put my hand and waited for 20 minutes without a single feeling.

    Every magazine, book, pamphlet and website we’ve read thus far has said to expect the kicking from around week 20 (week 18 if its you’re second!) so it just goes to show that despite advances in technology and biology, when it comes to pregnancy, much is still unknown and advice should really be considered as guidance only.

    I guess we must have a dancer in there already practising her moves and grooves… or a footballer!

    Let the shopping begin

    Recently we’ve allowed ourselves to start accepting we’re pregnant and have been on eBay a fair bit monitoring prices of travel systems such as iCandy Peaches and Uppababy Vista. If you’re lucky, some bargains can be had, and with time on our side, I’m hopeful we can grab a pretty good deal. Failing that and we’re forced to buying brand new, I think our hearts are set on the Britax Smile or Silver Cross Pioneer or Wayfarer.

    Making the news

    What was making the news on this momentous day? Below is a collection of front pages I’ve collected dated 17 March 2015.