Baby Sleep – Whats the secret?

Whats the secret to baby sleep? Nearly 9 months into being a Dad, sleep is quite possibly THE biggest thing I miss and remember almost taking up religion just to pray our little man took to it as soon as possible.

Right now we are at the stage where most nights we settle down around 7pm after his bathtime and night feed, but it doesn’t seem long when I used to do the dream feed around 11pm.

What Music Sends a Baby to Sleep?

Like most parents this was a question we asked in the first few weeks. We’d tried everything from sounds to replicate noises from the womb, to Jamie Cullum, with differing results, none of which were completely fool proof. Eventually we found one collection of music that has now been working for over 8 months – Baby Lullaby: Piano Lullabies with Nature Sounds of a Thunderstorm for Baby Sleep.
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