Magic Monitoring for eBay Baby Goods

As previously mentioned, where possible we plan to make as much use of eBay as possible in attempt to lower the cost of major purchases such as pushchairs, cots, etc, and I think I’ve stumbled across a tool that may just prove useful. (IF THIS THEN THAT) is an interactive website that allows you to create “recipes” that will result in certain functions being carried out when predetermined criteria is met, for example;
IF THIS: today is 25th December
THEN THAT: post a “Happy Christmas” Facebook status

The outcome doesn’t have to be a Facebook status update, you can get IFTTT to tweet you, send you a text message, email a daily update etc. When combined with eBay feeds, you can start to see the possibilities…

Linking it to eBay

The idea behind IFTTT is simple yet genius and with a bit of thought and planning I’ve created a number of “recipes” that culminates in a daily email digest being sent to me with details of any new eBay auctions that would interest me.

My “recipes” work in the exact same was as the example above, but focus on eBay search criteria and the output it a daily email summary;

Recipe: Uppababy Vista
IF THIS: a new eBay aution starts where the title includes “Uppababy Vista”
THEN THAT: include details in a daily email summary

Free IFTTT Recipes

One of the best features of IFTTT is that it allows you to publish your “recipes” for others to use freely. I’ve therefore published the following, should anyone else also wish to monitor eBay for travel systems;

Recipe: Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip

Recipe: iCandy Peach

Recipe: Britax Smile

Recipe: Silver Cross Pioneer

Recipe: Silver Cross Wayfarer