Surprise!!! It’s Your Baby Shower

Surprise!!! It’s Your Baby Shower

Today the weather behaved itself, just, and J surprise baby shower went down an absolute treat. Luckily it didn’t kick start anything 😉

Keep It A Secret

As luck would have it, the date that was convenient for most people coincided with my Dads birthday. This meant J knew there was a gathering for a party and therefore wasn’t the least bit suspicious when I helped out moving garden furniture, putting up a gazebo, taking ice buckets, bowls etc round.

My little nephews spent the week before cutting out flowers for garden decorations while my sister-in-law sorted out bunting, table decorations and everything else requires to make a proper summer garden party.

I somehow managed to keep under wraps that our favourite restaurant who catered our wedding last year, were providing the food for the day and I left the two mums to sort out everything else including drinks.


Luckily everyone arrived just in time, and as we entered my parents garden and rounded the corner, J expected to see my folks, my Dads cousins and few other family members all readying for his birthday. Instead she was confronted by 14 friends and family all shouting Surprise!

J froze for about 3 seconds, unable to take comprehend the whole thing, and then started to blub (blame the hormones) – all captured on video too.

The garden looked stunning, and after 15 minutes or so I headed off with my Dad, Brother and three nephews to play crazy golf and have a McDonald’s treat leaving J Baby Shower to start.

Baby Shower Games

This is where my sis-in-law came into her element. Being Columbian but spending a lot of her time growing up in New York, she like most Americans know how to throw a party and completely go over the top. The idea from the outset was to get a bunch of friends round, completely chill out, drink and eat and have a few games thrown in for good measure.

Baby prediction cards

Baby prediction cards

No “Baby” allowed!

Everyone wore a dummy and weren’t allowed to say “Baby”. If they did, the person who noticed claimed their dummy. At the end of the day, the person with all the dummies, or most, won.

How Many?

Guess the number of Jelly Babies in jar.

Nappy Race

Two people, with one directing the other who is blindfold, on putting on an old fashioned nappy on a doll.

String The Bump

Using a ball of string, each person had to guess the length it would take to fit round J’s bump. One “friend” measured enough string that it went round twice!

Prediction Cards

Each filled in a card guessing the date, weight, length, sex, time in labour and name.

Gifts Galore

Baby Clothes Bouquets from the Bump Company

Baby Clothes Bouquets from the Bump Company

In the run up to J’s Baby Shower, having been asked by many what gifts they could get, I sent our gift wishlist that was originally put together for our family.

As it happened there was still a lot of things we hadn’t got round to buy in all price ranges.

We ended up receiving a vast amount of gifts from nappy cakes through to night lights and not one single thing was duplicated. In fact we even received a few items for when Pancake reaches 6mnths so not everything was for Newborn which was nice.

We also received a beautiful Baby Clothes Bouquet from The Bump Company who sent it direct to my parents house ready for the surprise baby shower.

J soon learned that everyone knew about this… everyone but her 🙂 Result!


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