Review: Silver Cross Wayfarer Not Up To The Job

Review: Silver Cross Wayfarer Not Up To The Job

Back in March, preparing for Little G-Mans arrival, we found ourselves testing both the Britax Smile and Silver Cross Wayfarer travel systems. We felt the Britax Smile just slightly had an edge over the Silver Cross Wayfarer but when we found a good deal on eBay for the complete Silver Cross system, we jumped at the chance.

The Silver Cross Wayfarer is a great system and extremely compact and easy to collapse one-handed, whereas we found the Britax Smile a little awkward to collapse, something a few people have troubles with.

Initially we were happy with our eBay purchase however within 4 weeks of Little G-Mans arrival it was soon apparent that the Silver Cross wasn’t up to scratch for our requirements 🙁

Silver Cross Wayfarer Issues

We live at the entrance to a railway line thats was converted 30 years ago into a footpath and cycle path, and with having a dog we tend to take walks on a regular basis. We’ve only ventured out a small number of times with the Silver Cross Wayfarer but it immediately became apparent that this travel system is not meant for anything other than pavements – and smooth ones at that.

The minute you find yourself pushing the Silver Cross Wayfarer over anything other than even concrete, the whole things shakes and judders like a fairground ride with Little G-Man wondering what on earth is going on. The footpath we tread daily isn’t overly bumpy nor overgrown, yet the Silver Cross Wayfarer was unable to give a smooth ride for the little chap with the front wheels often getting stuck or twisting whenever you hit a stone.

We’ve also found that when pushing it on pavement that is ever so slightly uneven, the Silver Cross Wayfarer does have a tendency to want to veer off to one side meaning we found ourselves constantly fighting to keep it in a straight line – a bit like the dodgy trolley at Sainsburys!

Our next issue came about a few weeks later when we found we were unable to release the brake mechanism. Despite numerous attempts at trying to force the wheels to unlock, we ended up having to take it to an independent baby business who stripped the Silver Cross Wayfarer down, and found that there was a small “muck” build-up. The build-up turned out to be a bit of mud, a few small stones and a leaf – all which when together, stopped the mechanism from releasing the wheels.

Despite all this, its hard not to love the Silver Cross Wayfarer, and if you plan on pottering about town and nowhere else, then I guess it would be ideal, but for us it’s simply not up to the job. We plan to keep it while we make full use of his Simplicity Car seat, and will remain in the boot for trips around town.

Rollout The Britax Smile

We’re now proud owners of a Britax Smile (a £190 eBay bargain) and so far this has proved far better at handling the terrain we walk every day.

With inflatable tyres, a more robust sturdy frame, the Britax Smile offers a much smoother ride and seems a lot more comfortable for Little G-Man. It really does glide along the footpath without any issues, sucking up stones, leaves, mud, puddles and anything else that’s in its way.

The only niggle we have is collapsing the blasted thing. It take a few attempts to engage the whole thing and after searching the internet it appears we’re not alone.

Universal 5 Point Harness foot muffThe basket has a cross bar running right through the middle which could put some people off but it is huge! The basket on the Silver Cross was big, difficult to access at times depending on which seat you were using, but the Britax Smile totally blows my old basket out of the water!

The Britax Smile is considerably heavier than the Silver Cross Wayfarer and doesn’t come with a foot muff, however we found a fantastic quality one on eBay from For Your Little One. Its universal, so its designed to fits all 5 point harness pushchairs, and is half the prices of the official Britax Cosy Toes.

The foot muff padding is extremely thick (more like a sleeping bag) so there’s no chance that Little G-Man will get cold in the winter months, and with a centre zip, it’s also suitable for warmer weather although the breathable lining is designed to keep moisture at bay. The fact that its water repellent is a bonus!

Anyone After A Silver Cross Wayfarer?

Once Little G-Man is out of his Simplicity Car Seat, the Silver Cross Travel System will be going back on eBay and hopefully will find a home more suited to what it’s good at.

Until then, the Silver Cross Wayfarer will remain in the boot of the car and act as our “out and about run-around” while the Britax Smile takes the strain off-roading.

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