Review: Baby Dam Bathwater Barrier

Review: Baby Dam Bathwater Barrier

What is the Baby Dam Bathwater Barrier?

The Baby Dam Bathwater Barrier is basically a small piece of plastic that when inserted in your bath, acts as a mini dam reducing the volume of water needed to fill a bath for your baby or child.

Designed by parents who got fed up of seeing puddles from using a portable bath, noticed their water bills rising and the time it took to fill the bath up the idea behind the BabyDam can’t be faulted.

The Good

The BabyDam is designed to fit all standard baths, both straight and keyhole styles meaning everyone should be able to reduce their water bills. We’ve worked out each time Little G-Man jumps in the bath with the Baby Dam fitted, we’re saving 15 litres or more of water.



The BabyDam also eliminates the need to purchase a baby bath that newborns quickly outgrow, is easily and quickly fitted by placing it in your bathtub curving it to create the Dam, and securing it using the suction feet.

In the centre of the BabyDam is a smll plug hole (you get 2 plugs with your order). This means that if you leave the tap running, it will automatically overflow ensuring it’s not too deep for a baby. You can then easily plug the hole up for older toddlers who want a deeper bath.

The BabyDam been a huge help when we’ve found ourselves getting home a little later than planned. We know we’re stating the obvious, but ½ a bath takes ½ the time to fill up meaning we, and Little G-Man, have more time to splash about and make more out of his bath time before the bed routine kicks in.

The Bad

1 Cubic Metre

1 Cubic Metre

At £29 from Amazon, the Baby Dam Bathwater Barrier doesn’t come cheap and the amount of time you have to use it before recouping your money may well put a number of potential buyers off.

We worked out that every 66 days we’re saving 1 cubic metre of water at the cost of ~£3. In 21 months time the device will have paid for itself in water consumption alone – we’ve not factored in the energy costs as the boiler is on a short amount of time.

Most people who have a BabyDam seem to say they’re using it up to the age of 3yrs meaning an overall saving on your water bills of £20 can be achieved. It doesn’t sound a lot, but if you plan on having a second child you’ll be saving straight away.


The savings aren’t huge and it does take a long time to recoup your initial outlay, but it’s a clever invention that overtime more than pays for itself so we’ve already recommended it to friends. The time saved filling the bath alone almost makes it worth it.

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