Review: Baby GroBags and GroLight Night Light

Review: Baby GroBags and GroLight Night Light

We were recently contacted by The Gro Company and asked whether we would review a Trundling Tractor GroBag, one of the new designs, and the GroLight.

As aficionados of GroBags since Little G-Man turned 3 weeks old, and users of a basic plugin night light which we weren’t too fond of, we were more than happy to give an alternative product a try.

Not just for tomatoes

For those new to GroBags, they are a fantastic alternative to the traditional sheets meaning that your little one can wriggle and kick as much as they like, and never kick their covers off. More sleep for parents!

In addition to the Grobag, each comes with a free nursery thermometer, helping to reassure you have the correct bedding to suit the temperature of their room.

Anorak Designed GroBags

New GroBag Exclusive Designs

The Gro Company have collaborated with Anorak to offer an exclusive range of baby sleeping bags featuring exclusive contemporary printed designs.

We were sent the Trundling Tractor to review, which is a perfect choice for Little G-Man, however there are 3 additional designs to suit each little person. Kissing Squirrels, Kissing Rabbits and Rolling Hills, all inspired by the great outdoors.

All the exclusive Anorak designs come in a range of sizes to fit newborn through to 36 months and two tog ratings. The 2.5 tog is what we tend to use most nights and usually dress Little G-Man in a short sleeved vest & long sleeved baby-grow.

The 1.0 tog is for those long hot summer days, something we seem to be experiencing quite a lot of lately. We’re currently using the 1.0 tog GroBags for daytime naps, as his nursery is reaching upwards of 24°C which is a little on the warm side.

Why we love GroBags

As previously mentioned, we’ve used GroBags from the very early days of Little G-Mans arrival. Initially when we left hospital with our bundle, each night we would swaddle him in blankets as shown in hospital, and then find ourselves worrying as to whether he was warm enough or the blankets were wrapped around him too tightly.

Anorak designed GroBags

As the GroBags are togged, you know exactly how warm your little one will be, and with the freedom to move arms and kick legs, as a parent, you don’t worry about it being too restrictive.

In a nutshell, we found that switching from blankets to GroBags gave us complete peace of mind.

Grolight Adaptor

What Is The Grolight?

The second item we were asked to review was one we first came across at the NEC Baby Show.

The GroLight is designed to fit easily to your existing nursery light or bedside lamp and fills the room with a soft glow.

As a night light, the GroLight makes it really simple to check on your baby without the fear of them waking up and without treading on toys/lego bricks in the dark.

How the GroLight works

The idea behind the GroLight is ingeniously simple. When you flick the light switch on as normal, a small glow is emitted from 4 LEDs giving just enough light to help you tackle the unseen obstacles present in every nursery.

Turn it off and on again, and the main bulb kicks into action as normal. There is no need to worry about light fittings as there are two versions available for both Bayonet and Screw bulbs.

If you prefer, you can insert the GroLight into a standard desk lamp rather than using your main ceiling light, however it is not compatible with dimmer switches.


The Moon (Light shade)

When we used the GroLight for the first time we couldn’t have been more impressed. Visiting the “Moon” has always been part of Little G-Mans bedtime routine. Zipping up his spacesuit (GroBag) he flies around the moon while Jane removes the cot changer and drops the cot side. The fact the Moon now glows, simply adds to the fun!

The LEDs give just enough light to see your child without the fear of disturbing them, however if your nursery is large or the light is far away from the cot, the strength of the LEDs can be adjusted on the fitting itself.

If your little one is afraid of the dark, then the GroLight can be used to provide a reassuring glow and means you can leave the light switched on all night long. It would also be useful for breastfeeding and, when the time comes, toddler toilet training.

The GroLight is currently available from Kiddicare for only £11.99 meaning you get a 33% saving on the RRP.

Products featured on this blog have either been purchased by myself or provided to me in exchange for a review. This review is my own personal opinion on the product or company, given in good faith, has not be sponsored or endorsed and is not influenced in anyway.


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