Redundancy? Now? Is someone having a laugh?

Redundancy? Now? Is someone having a laugh?

Pants! Pants! Pants!

As if having a baby isn’t stressful enough, today I found out that our employer lost its contract with the 3rd party I currently provide support to. Come 31st May I’ll either be working for the new 3rd party who are an offshore outfit (if they decide to TUPE us across) or I’ll have to find a new role elsewhere or face redundancy.

Having been made redundant 15 years ago, I know how much of a kick in the nuts in can be and the impact it has on your life, not just financial. So, as we enter what is probably one of the most costly times of our lives, we face the real possibility of additional pressure.

I guess it’s time to update my LinkedIn profile and once again get “networking” while allaying any fears and worries back home.

Wine Tasting & Pregnancy

On the flipside, tonight we met up with more friends and up until now, had held off from telling them about Pancake as we’ve always wanted to tell as many close friends face to face rather than them finding out on that dread Facebook.

We’ll have to be quick in telling them as it will become obvious within minutes as we’re attending a wine tasting evening that has been planned since December 2014. Obviously I’ll be the only one doing the tasting and I’ve already phoned ahead to arrange a selection of cordials so Jane doesn’t miss out completely. I will also tell white lies and tell her all the wines are horrible 😉


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