Reaching the 24 week mark!

Reaching the 24 week mark!

Whoop whoop! We’ve reached the all important 24 week stage and are happy to say that Pancake is keeping us both wide awake with its kicks and punches usually at 5am.

At 24 weeks into your pregnancy, your baby would be considered viable and with a chance of survival if they were born prematurely.

Now we can properly plan

That’s it, our minds are being reprogrammed as we talk!

  • We’ve noticed that while out and about, we’re clocking other peoples prams and buggies – is this normal?
  • Our browser history no longer shows research on far away destinations but instead is full of baby review websites.
  • Our eBay alerts are up and running for what seems like searches for every conceivable baby gadget.
  • Plans are starting to come together for the nursery.
  • We can actually start buying stuff 🙂

Goodbye old life, hello new life

Las Vegas Partying

Las Vegas Partying

Exciting times but my goodness, partying in Las Vegas already seems a distant memory, even another life!

You can tell excitement and realisation has started to set in as I think every day, all I talk about in work is baby stuff!

Let the shopping commence!


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