Qwerkity Christmas Gift Ideas – Pass the Sprout!

Qwerkity Christmas Gift Ideas – Pass the Sprout!

Qwerkity.com offer unusual, practical & fun presents for all ages. Some may jump to the conclusion they’re just another Firebox, but on closer inspection you’ll find the gifts they list are actually useful – after all who has ever wished for an Edible Anus?

We were asked whether we’d like to select a couple of gifts and review their service, which we were only more than happy to help out with.

Range of gifts

First of all, I started off browsing Qwerkity with myself in mind and lost almost an hour of my time building a huge list of things I “needed”.

Having passed 40, I’m no longer at the age where I’m amused by silly gifts. Often I’ll put them to one side, let them gather dust, and then end up whacking them on eBay. However Qwerkity had a huge range of things I really liked and wanted!

Almost instantly I found myself drawn to the “I ♥ Spread Sheets” mug.


Ask Jane and she’ll tell you the extent of my love of all things spreadsheet. Whether its organising Christmas wishlists, keeping tabs on our finances, work rotas, or creating a spreadsheet listing all our other spreadsheets in “last updated order” – OK, this isn’t quite true!

Basically I’m an Excel user of giant proportions both in and out of work and there’s no better feeling of satisfaction when a conditional formatting formula kicks in.

Gifts for Little G-Man

Second on my shopping list was something for G-Man. Initially I was tempted by the Personalised Wooden Door Sign, but he does already have one we made together (a charity shop bargain).

A few minutes later I came across the Robin Nesting Box. With Little G-Mans love and fascination of birds, or Tweet Tweets as we call them, this was the obvious choice for him.

Little G-Man had fun putting up the Robin Nesting Box in our garden with Grandpa, who is solely to blame for his fascination of birds. With our success of Blue Tits nesting the past few year, hopefully we can have some Robins join us early next year.

Delivery and packaging

Delivery is a flat standard fee of £3.99 and free for anyone who orders over £150. For those less organised or in a hurry, Next Day delivery is available but like all online stores, you’ll pay a premium as you will for Saturday Delivery.

Although Standard Delivery says allow up to 5 days, our order was received within 2 days of placing, so the turnaround was very quick.

I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging provided by Qwerkity. Although well protected, especially as it contained a mug, the parcel wasn’t over the top like is often seen with Amazon. All of the packaging was also recyclable – no air filled plastic bags!

Christmas is coming

The Qwerkity website is great for unusual gifts for those members of family who seem to have everything, want for nothing, and are bloody awkward to buy for.

This Christmas why not ditch the traditional crackers and have a round of Pass the Sprout before settling down on the sofa to fall asleep to Only Fools & Horses… again…


If you’re after a truely unique and unusual gift that is both affordable and useful, then Qwerkity is definitely worth a visit.

You’ll be able to pick up some great stocking fillers for the whole family, grab something for the Office Secret Santa and if you’re quick, bag a bargain in their Black Friday sale!


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