Nursery Preparations Are Underway

Nursery Preparations Are Underway

Now we’ve passed the 30 week stage, it’s officially time we started to plan the nursery, something we’ve both been desperate to do but as of yet, haven’t had the time.

This weekend saw us having a massive clear out which resulted in a fair number of eBay listings for books while all our clothes, nik-naks and furniture headed off to our local Claire House charity shop. With only a few items left in the nursery which are due to be picked up in the next day or two, now is the time to pick up the paint, rollers etc and

The Nursery Design

I never expected it to be so hard to decide when it came to decorating the nursery as everything looks cute! Still, as we’re non the wiser as to whether we’ll be having a boy or a girl, we’ve decided to play it safe and for the time being are going to have a beige/sand colour theme keeping the look simple and minimalistic.

By sticking with a neutral colour, the white Boori furniture we managed to grab off eBay back in April and white Ubbi Diaper Pail should blend in no problem.

Finishing Touches

Initially I’m going to try and paint the bear & hippo as I’m unable to find anywhere that offers them as wall art stickers, however as Pancake grows up and demands higher quality representations of animals, I’ll be sure to get wall stickers.

Cow Blackboard Wall Sticker

Cow Blackboard Wall Sticker

One that has already caught my eye is a piece of wall art in the shape of a cow but doubles up as a blackboard.

The wall stickers come direct from China, meaning you probably won’t find them in the UK for anywhere near the price, and it’s a website I’ve used many times in the past without any issue whatsoever.

Something else I’ve had my eye on over at AliExpress are wooden alphabet letters. They can delivered for £0.40 per letter which is a saving of 50% compared to eBay.

I plan to make use of any old paints I have stuck away in the garage or shed, and when you see alternatives being sold online for £15.99, the amount you can save is self apparent.

So I guess its time to get the paint, rollers and sheets out and get turning the guest bedroom into a nursery.


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