Parenting books for new parents

Parenting books for new parents

With so many parenting books for new parents out there, it’s easy to get carried away spend a huge amount of money (especially with Amazons One Click) when you’re preparing for your first new born.

After hearing the experiences of a fair few, I was initially put off as the vast majority of books have been described as terrible, and was left wondering if any of them are actually worth the money. Despite this, after a quick search, I stumbled across one that I found quite basic, yet appealing, and wouldn’t break the bank.

Baby Owners Manual

After browsing the reviews on Amazon, I plumped for the The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-shooting Tips and Advice on First-year Maintenance as it promised to be written in a “male friendly” way. It’s aim is obvious from the front cover, light hearted, yet it gets the serious points across without daunting us men.

To give you an example of the male friendly language used, some chapter headings include:

  • “Home Installation” (nursery equipment)
  • “Baby’s Power Supply” (feeding)
  • “Troubleshooting Baby’s Audio Cues” (crying)
  • “Programming Sleep Mode” (sleep cycles)
Baby Owners Manual

Baby Owners Manual

How I’m finding the Baby Owners Manual

Granted, I am only a few pages in, but I’m finding it amusing and a fun read. It covers a lot of material from preparing for the baby’s arrival to feeding and changing to first aid. The “Medical Maintenance” section is also pretty useful, even though we have a NHS Senior Nurse Practitioner in the house, as it explains everything from CPR to birth marks.

The book is written and laid out similar to a Haynes Motor Manual, uses basic diagrams, refers to the baby as “The Model” and suggests ways to ensure that your baby does not “malfunction”. It puts a different and fresh spin on something that should be taken very seriously, and although while reading it, it feels like I’m reading a joke book, I can hand on heart say I’m also learning a lot at the same time.

The Baby Owner’s Manual is 12 years old so some may consider it a bit dated but on reflection, for the £1.97 price tag, and ignoring the odd Americanism, I think this new parent book mixed with the all advice you pick up from magazines, friends, family and from the good old NHS, is probably all you need.


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