The Dreaded Room

Seeing your wife being wheeled in to an operating theatre is not a nice experience. Knowing that 10 minutes after she’s disappeared from view you’ll be asked by a middle aged nurse to follow her to the “Masturbatorium” where she points out the wet wipes and a whole range of Paul Raymond literature doesn’t do much for your nerves either! Anyway, under a huge amount of pressure I had to produce a “sample” which any IVF dad will tell you is an experience which an small unfortunate few, will have to endure, and one I’d not wish on anyone.

But wait… it doesn’t stop there!

Failure to produce a sample will result in “Assisted Sperm Removal”. Although this sounds like an interesting route, once you understand that “Assisted Sperm Removal” involves a large needle into one of your nuts in order to extract your little swimmers, you soon blank your mind and get to work!
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