The OXO Tot Grey Collection Reviewed

The OXO Tot Grey Collection Reviewed

Once again, we have been lucky enough to have been contacted by OXO in order to review their new Grey Collection.

In our package we found the roll up bib which we fell in love last year, the new Perch chair for children aged 15+months and the slimline nappy and wipes holder.

OXO Tot Nappy Pouch

We immediately put the wipes and nappy holder to the test. We were a little dubious of how the plastic wipes holder would fair when it came to keeping the wipes moist. Well after 2 weeks of the wipes being stored in the plastic holder with no plastic sticky closing label we can honestly say that they are still extremely moist and we have had no problems with drying.
OXO Tot Nappy Pouch
Another good feature of the wipes holder is the opening mechanism – it’s a push down button which releases the lid allowing it to flip up so no fiddly unlocking clasps to tackle whilst you are coping with a wriggly toddler. The nappy holder part stores four nappies with ease (size 5 – that’s all we have tested it with so far). I’m loving it as it now means we don’t have to take the whole change bag out when on short trips. It even fits into my wife’s handbag and the wipes section doesn’t leak (well it hasn’t so far).

The only issue we found was with the rubber tag that is designed to allow you to attach it to a buggy. We found it unclipped itself far too easily meaning you could lose it when out and about.

OXO Tot Perch Chair

The perch chair has been cleverly designed so transporting it is easy as it folds flat for storage and erecting it is simple. Flipping the back of the chair up into position allows you to remove the seatpad so that you can attach, adjust and secure it to a chair.

The buckles to tighten the straps are cleverly hidden within the seat under the seatpad so once the seat is replaced and the child is sat on the chair it cannot be adjusted – the designers have thought about safety here. No crafty siblings loosening the straps whilst your toddler is strapped in and there is little room for the straps to work loose either as your toddler moves about.
OXO Tot Perch Seat Review
G-man loved using it as it meant he could sit at the table like everyone else – helping him to socialise over mealtimes. It wipes down very well and as the seatpad is removable there’s no excuse when getting into all the nooks and crannies!

OXO Tot Roll Up Bib

The roll up bib remains a hit with us – its easy to pop into a side pocket of a change bag and simple to clean. By rolling it up it means that the mess is contained if you are out and about and can’t wash it immediately. The Oxo logo acts as a clasp holding the bib together when rolled.
OXO Tot Bib
We can safely say that the new Grey collection contains three well designed, useful toddler must haves living up to the reputation the brand Oxo has for delivering quality.

Now, if only OxoTot made double buggy’s!! 😉


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