NEC Baby Show – Our thoughts

NEC Baby Show – Our thoughts

We’re just back from the Baby Show held at Birminghams NEC! Feet are up, coffee and tea poured and now its time to see what we’ve gathered on our trip out 🙂

Firstly “Tiring” is the foremost word that comes to mind if I was to be asked to describe the Baby Show in NEC Birmingham which we’ve just returned from.

NEC Baby Show Lowlights

The £10.40 per ticket (40% discounts widely available online), we both thought was about right for a show that potentially offered so much. However, we weren’t prepared for the additional £12 car park charge, which didn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere and came as a surprise when we arrived.

Considering parking is free when you attend the Baby & Toddler Show at Manchester, I personally don’t think it’s justified and hope the organisers seek a better deal for future shows.

Baby Show highlights

Firstly it was busy, but not as bad as we expected due to the size of the arena itself. It felt far more comfortable and less manic than the Manchester Baby & Toddler event we attended in March of this year.

The range of suppliers and stores on show was vast and catered for pretty much everything you could think of. It was great to see Aldi there too, considering their Baby Events are some of the most talked about.

There we good range of freebies from Nutrimum (we got about a months supply) to bottles and of course a huge selection of reusable bags!

Stokke MyCarrier

Stokke MyCarrier

Our Carrier Mission

One of our missions was to try on as many baby carriers as possible. The prices ranged from £20 to £150 and the difference in quality and comfort was phenomenal! The carrier that stood out miles from the rest for us was the Stokke MyCarrier.

The quality of the carrier was top-notch, but the ease-of-use, despite being given a 15 minute demonstration by the representative from Stokke, is going to take a bit of getting used to. That said we are dead set on getting one of these, with the sturdy metal back support piece, it really did make a noticeable difference for us.

As the Stokke MyCarrier is a 3-in-1; meaning you can wear your baby facing inwards from the newborn stage until they can hold their head up, outwards from roughly four months, and back carrying when your child can sit unaided, in theory there is no need to purchase another one in the future. It also means our hands will be free, especially helpful when out and about walking the dog!

With all this in mind, as soon as we got home it was time to setup another eBay monitor!

ubbi diaper pail white

ubbi diaper pail white

Grabbed a baby show bargain

One of the best things about going on the last day to any show, is the chance of grabbing a fantastic deal, especially on the “display items”.

This time we headed to the Ubbi stand and bagsied ourselves one of their Ubbi Diaper Pails… or to those of us in the UK, a Nappy Bin.

With the Ubbi using powder coated steel which does not absorb odours unlike plastic alternatives, it is easy to clean and the rubber seals located around the rim of the Ubbi provide extra security to contain any smell.

The most useful and cost saving selling point for us was that the Ubbi removes of a reliance on nappy bin liners. With the ability to now use regular bin liners we expect to save anything up to £10 per month meaning it should pay for itself in next to no time.

Usually priced at £69, because it had been on display for the past 4 days at the Ubbi stand, they were selling them all off for £40.


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