Bedtime Reading – Old Bear’s Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Reading – Old Bear’s Bedtime Stories

Little G-Man is now reaching the age where he loves books, and has instantly fallen in love with Old Bear’s Bedtime Stories.

He still doesn’t have a clue whats going on or what the pictures represent, but being sat on our knees as we read him a book as part of his bedtime routine, is fast becoming a favourite for both him and us.

Old Bear’s Bedtime Stories

A charming collection of short stories that follow the adventures of Old Bear, Little Bear and Bramwell Brown, based on the author’s own collection of soft toys.

Old Bear Bedtime Stories

There is something about imagining your own toys coming to life and having adventures that grips even the older generation. These beautifully illustrated stories are a perfect length for bedtime, especially when your child expects more than one story at a time!!

This is a book that is perfect for bedtime reading for all ages, despite it being aimed at 3yrs onward.

About the Author

Since studying illustration and design at Brighton, Jane Hissey has written and illustrated over 20 picture books. Jane Hissey’s Old Bear books have delighted generations of children and are celebrating their 30th birthday with a special “Happy Birthday Old Bear” book out in September.

Jane also won worldwide acclaim after creating a BAFTA award-winning TV show based on the books, entitled Old Bear Stories, which was broadcast in the 90’s.

The Stories

The tales are based on fantastic adventures had at the seaside, on a winter picnic, and many more – times that children can relate to easily, and they are sprinkled with light hearted humour (Henry Isaiah – named because one of his eyes was higher than the other!).

There is even a story about Teddy George who lives with a dog and helps his friend who had been left out in the rain – a personal favourite of mine and I’m sure Little G will enjoy these magical stories over the coming years.

There’s no doubt that these stories are timeless classics which will continue to be loved by children of all ages.

Busy Reading


Old Bear’s Bedtime Stories is a perfect book to give to a child to celebrate something special, their birth or 1st birthday.

It is more like a little persons heirloom which can be stored on a book shelf to pass on to their own children and we enjoyed reading them so much, our next book purchase will have to be the ‘Old Bear Stories’ by the same author.

The book is available online from a number of retailers, but currently, Boolino are offering a 30% discount.


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