Nursery Decorating Complete – Picasso I Am Not!

Nursery Decorating Complete – Picasso I Am Not!

The nursery is complete! Chuffed and shattered. I’d be happy if I didn’t see a paint brush or roller again for the next 12 months!

When we bought our current house, we had a 3 month period where we lived just round the corner allowing us to decorate the entire place in evenings after work. 3 ½ years have passed and last week I finally picked up a paint brush and roller once again to start work on the nursery.

Nursery Colour Scheme

As we never found out if we’re expecting a boy or a girl, to keep it as neutral as possible we opted for Home of Colour Pebble for an accent wall, and Home of Colour Soft Latte for the remaining three walls.

Usually I prefer using branded paints as I’ve always found it requires less coats, and my memories were confirmed. 3 coats were required on every wall! The colour I painted over was the usual Magnolia, so 3 coats was more than what I expected and shows that Homebase is probably not the best. You live and learn!

Anyway, once all the walls were finished and dried, next it was time for my art installation. As to frugal style, not wanting to pay for wall art stickers, my plan was to paint a big teddy bear using the left over paint. Seemed reasonable to me but it took some convincing when it came to J;

I’m going to paint a big bear. I’ve seen a photo online. It can’t be that hard, trust me!

With J working a late shift and not watching over me, I did a quick freehand sketch on the wall and then in true amateur style, just went for it.

It’s Not A Bear or Rabbit, but a Bearbit

Introducing the Beabit

Introducing the Beabit

It is meant to resemble a teddy bear, but I think it’s ears are a little too narrow and creates a hint of rabbit about it. Therefore I name this creation a Bearbit.

I know I’m far from being the next Picasso but still, as my first attempt at art since I drew stick figures on the covers of my school books some 26 years ago, I’m actually quite chuffed with the outcome.

Next step is to start building and moving Boori furniture in place ready for Pancake‘s arrival.


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