The moment we tried – Month 2 of our Weaning Journey

The moment we tried – Month 2 of our Weaning Journey

Where is the time going?

Not sure if it’s due to having so much fun watching Little G-Man slowly turn into a little boy. Maybe its because time is passing us by in a sleepless blur? Whatever it is, 7 months have now passed since his arrival and already coming the end of Month #2 of our weaning journey.

Little G-Man is fast learning his schedule, mainly centred around food and he can’t wait for his bowl of porridge to arrive. Every morning he’s almost as excited as our Labradoodle!

Lunch times are now a mix of home made frozen meals which we’ve prepared ourselves and frozen in ice cube trays, or if we’re out and about, we opt for HiPP Organic jars or pouches for convenience and peace of mind.

Hands Off!

Hands Off!

Avoiding Nasties

Like most new parents, we want to avoid giving foods to Little G-Man that are full of preservatives or fruit & veg that are covered in pesticides. It’s not easy, but knowing the fruits & vegetables used in HiPP Organic pouches and jars are grown on dedicated organic farms, where they are left to ripen naturally and harvested at their plumpest & sweetest means it’s one less worry for us, and one less label we need to scrutinise in the supermarket aisle.

Once HiPP have picked their fruit, they then gently steam cook the organic ingredients to protect the nutrients and keep every ounce of flavour to provide babies with the best possible start to weaning and beyond.

We’ve steamed our own vegetable too, and usually Little G-Man is getting Potato, Carrot, Sweet Peppers, Red Peppers, Peas, and Broccoli, or a combination of two or three, on a daily basis. This usually accompanies other foods or they get mixed in to help suppress his ever growing appetite.

Pear Catching

Pear Catching

Pudding time

When it comes to puddings, he’s still like his dad and guzzles them down in next to no time, his favourite by far being pear. Come the summer, with a few conference pear tress in our garden he should be in his element but will need to beat our every patient Labradoodle who can be found sitting patiently under the tree waiting for a pear to fall.

We also make use of the HiPP Organic deserts as they only add sugars to recipes that we’d add sugar to ourselves if we were preparing them, such as custard. The amount of sugar is controlled in all their baby foods very carefully as it’s important savoury foods do not contain hidden sugars from fruit.

One thing we’re conscious of is trying NOT to stick to foods we know Little G-Man likes – its the easy option in the short term but we’re trying our hardest to keep offering him a variety of foods. It’s normal for your baby to be wary of new foods, and some of the faces they pull are classics!

Over the past 7 months, we’ve learned you need to be ready to offer something new as many as ten times before they accept it. Knowing that by persevering now will help Little G-Man develop into a more adventurous eater as he gets older, keeps us going.

The moment we tried Plum & Pear Pudding, and yoghurt

The moment we tried Plum & Pear Pudding, and yoghurt


Win a HiPP Organic Sweet & Savoury Food Bundle

Win a HiPP Organic Sweet & Savoury Food Bundle

Win a HiPP Organic Sweet & Savoury Food Bundle

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HiPP Organic Sweet & Savoury bundle

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    “The moment we tried kiwi and avocado”

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      Fantastic expression. Was the Kiwi and Avocado a blend of both in the same bowl or a main / desert?

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