Review: Little Finger Door Protectors

Review: Little Finger Door Protectors

Mr Postman arrived this morning with another delivery from China. Once again, the purchase was made 2 weeks ago on the website and inside todays package were 10 Door Safety foam attachments costing a grand total of £1.96 delivered.

As we have a mischievous Labradoodle, our doors are often left open allowing her to roam and find a cool spot over the past few days. Every now and then when a gust of wind picks up the doors slam and I mean slam. They close with so much ferocity it would bring a grown man to tears let alone a mini-person!

Little Finger Door Protectors

Little Finger Door Protectors

Little Fingers = Big Tears

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 30,000 children trap and seriously crush their fingers in doors and more than 1,500 require need surgery – most can be treated with ice and cuddles. As with many parents, Little Finger Door Protectors have been quite high on our list for some time.

Made of a dense, colourful foam, these Child Finger Door Stops are highly unlikely to win any design awards but they are remarkably cheap and they do stop the door from slamming shut.

Available in 7 different designs Monkey, Giraffe, Ladybird, Cow, Frog, Cat and Tiger, these door protectors will brighten up your home whilst keeping those little fingers safe. Sadly we only received 4 different designs, the cow (my favourite animal) not being one 🙁

Each door really only needs one to stop it from slamming but we ordered 10 so we could double up and also keep a few spare as they apparently will split over time when you remove them on a regular basis.

One thing worth noting is that these Little Finger Door Protectors are designed for internal doors only. Fitting snugly on an internal door leaves a good 3cm gap between the door and frame which will no doubt reduce the number of tears.

Any spares not being used, as they’re so brightly coloured, could be used as “hold toys” or even teething alternatives.

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