Leaving Little G-Man For The First Time

Leaving Little G-Man For The First Time

I’m back after spending a few days in NYC using up some air-miles, making the most of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Sale 2015 and I won’t lie, trying to catch up on sleep.

When I booked the trip a few months ago, friends and family couldn’t believe that I was being allowed to go on a “jolly” so soon after Little G-Mans arrival but it had J’s blessing, in fact she was pretty adamant that I went (so long as I went via Tiffany’s).

New York Christmas Sales

For the past few years we’ve headed over to New York for a weeks break this time of year, just as all the sales start and all the Christmas window displays are revealed, however this year I was travelling alone.

There was a small possibility that a friend would be over at the same time on business but sadly this never materialised so I was, as Sting put it, an alien, a legal alien, an Englishman in New York.

Checking in I was rather proud that my luggage weighed little over 3kgs, consisting mainly of old clothes that I planned to wear once and then leave in the hotel. On the way home my luggage weighed just over 23kgs 🙂

In the Macy’s sale I was picking up outfits (coat, trousers and top) for as little as $17 which was reduced by a further 25% thanks to the Macy’s visitor card available to all foreign visitors from their customer service department. Once converted it meant I was paying around £8 for a complete outfit – hence the shopping trip and it also explains the huge increase in my baggage!

Using Technology To Stay In Touch

Having spent a single night away with work only the week before, I knew I would miss both J and Little G-Man but being in a different time-zone was the biggest challenge. I’d be waking up as he was having his mid-day nap, and as I had lunch, it was bath time for him.

Sadly the additional sleep didn’t really materialise as I found I was sleeping light, listening out for Little G-Mans murmurs, or expecting to be nudged in the back as well as listening in wait for the next photo or video to ping on my phone via WhatsApp.

What did we do before mobiles were smartphones? Every few hours, videos and photographs were sent both ways non-stop meaning I could see what he was up to, listen to his new found “BBBRRR BBBRRR” sounds which now mean he is bored of whichever activity he is doing. It also allowed me to send pictures back of some of the outfits I managed to grab at Macys keeping me in the good books.

Good to be back

Flight Delays

Sadly British Airways threw me a curveball on the way home which resulted in departing from JFK and not Newark, missing my connecting flight (the last of the day), being put up in a hotel near Heathrow and getting home some 30hrs later than planned.

When I did eventually get home it was brilliant seeing the little man again. He had changed so such a small amount of time it was hard to comprehend despite constant updates whilst away. New noises, facial expressions, his overall size and weight and the fact he was now beginning to reach out for things he was focusing on rather than random grabbing.

That nights dream feed was probably the best feeling ever, especially feeling his grasp, and made me realise exactly how much I’d missed him.

Next Stop – Birmingham

Next week we’re off to Birmingham. Not quite as glamorous as NYC, but it should be fun as we’re due to meet up with fellow bloggers who along with us, have been selected to be part of the Hipp Organic #WeanTeam over the next 12 months.


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