Introducing Lumps & Finger Foods – Month 3 of our Weaning Journey

Introducing Lumps & Finger Foods – Month 3 of our Weaning Journey

Little G-Man has now been on his weaning journey for 3 months now and gone are the jars of HiPP Organic Stage 1 smooth foods and in came the meals containing lumps and bumps, meaning he can no longer just suck his food up – he’s got to work for it 馃檪

Since our last weaning update we have seen a huge amount of change with Little G-Mans habits and his personality continues to change as he becomes more strong-willed with every day. We fear that stubbornness is just around the corner.

His frustration levels are on the increase as he thinks he’s fully independent and doesn’t need our help at feeding times. He MUST have something in his hand at mealtimes, preferably a spoon just so he can wave it in the air and bang it on his food tray and always shows an interest in anything we eat ourselves, reaching out and wanting to try everything.

Introducing Lumps

It is important we remember that Little G-Mans needs are developing and a key element of feeding at this age is the introduction of lumps & more advanced flavours.

One of his first introduction to lumps was while we were holidaying with P&O and all HiPP jars were 7+ months. The Spaghetti Bolognese, which became almost a staple diet while away, has small lumps of pasta which he took to without any issue, more than happily chomping down on it as we made over-exaggerated chewing impressions with him.

Bring on the lumps!

Bring on the lumps!

HiPP Organic have a wide range of products suitable from 7 months+ including 160g and 190g jars as well 130g savoury pouches and fruit pots. In order to introduce Little G-Man to as many new flavours as possible we’ve tried nearly all of the HiPP Organics range including;
路 Cheesy Pasta Bake
路 Hearty Cottage Pie
路 Lancashire Hotpot
路 Scrumptious Sunday Lunch
路 Vegetable Lasagne
路 Vegetables with Noodles & Chicken

He is still yet to turn his nose up to anything, something our Labradoodle is most disappointed about.

As Little G-Mans appetite increases, HiPP’s range of over 40 recipes at this stage are perfect for progressing those taste buds to more interesting flavours & textures at mealtime. The small lumps encourage chewing, the jars offer larger portion sizes and with a whole host of new meals he’s benefiting from the introduction to new ingredients almost everyday.

For further information, download the HiPP Organic鈥檚 Lumps Guide free of charge for some great ideas and advice on how best to start your weaning journey.

Steamed Veggies & Finger Foods

When not devouring one of his HiPPs jars, we give Little G-Man any one of a number of food cubes we’ve prepared in advance thanks to the Annabel Karmel Weaning book that has lots of recipes, some of which we’ve tried ourselves. This means we introduce him to a wide range of new flavour, most recently spinach and cauliflower, which when steamed with sweet potato, carrot and peas, is a great way of getting his nutrients.

For his breakfast we’re an old fashioned porridge family but also give Little G-Man a round of toast which he tends to suck the unsalted butter off before having a little nibble. Once finished he lets it hang from his mouth until it finally drops at which point our dog is ready to pounce.

Toastie McToastie

Toastie McToastie

Other finger foods he’s currently enjoying are cheese (another family essential), Avocado batons and lightly steamed broccoli florets, or trees as we call them.

Weaning & Chocking Hazards

With the introduction of lumps and finger food, there is the obvious concern of chocking while Little G-Man gets used to the idea of chewing. HiPP has shared guidance from St John Ambulance around the topic of choking, every parents nightmare on their blog over at

Personally I think every parent should attend a first aid course and would like to see it one day become compulsory. Whether it be a locally run course via your NCT group or a baby first aid course run by St Johns, the lessons you learn will stand you in good stead should any emergency arise.

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