The Importance of a Healthy Diet for a baby

The Importance of a Healthy Diet for a baby

Why is a balanced diet so important?

To help Little G-Man grow we try to ensure he has a balanced diet containing a lot of different foods which we offer in a variety of combinations. Some work, some dont, but we find it helps him get accustomed to new flavours, and hopefully, develops a healthy eating habit for the future.

Like most parents, there are times when we simply don’t have the time to batch cook a vat of goodness for him, but knowing he still gets his nutrients even from a HiPP Jar is somewhat reassuring and convenient.

To Organic or Not?

Family beliefs and values embody HiPP Organic, who are instinctively organic and have been for over 60 years. HiPP believe in organic for a better legacy, using farming techniques that leave the soil full of nutrients for the next generation.

All HiPP Organic baby foods are made with the finest organic ingredients which are tested for up to 1,200 different pollutants, prior to being accepted for use in the production process. As a result, only flawless organic ingredients are used in HiPP’s products providing the best possible quality food for all babies & young children

As parents on a time & money budget, we don’t always have the option of batch cooking a vat of goodness, so knowing that Little G-Man gets a good helping of organic goodness from HiPP when we do use jars or trays, is something we find reassuring.

Foods We Try To Limit

Yes, it’s true. While we munch on pizza when we can’t be bothered cooking, or occasionally spoil ourselves with a GU desert, we do try to limit Little G-Mans intake of certain foods that have heaps of calories, but with very little in the way of nutrients.

Sweets and chocolate

There’s no denying it, they make great treats and little ones need plenty of calories to keep them going, but as we all know, sugary foods contain little or no goodness and can spoil your LOs appetite as well as damaging their teeth. We’ve not yet had a case of sugar before bedtime either and dread to think what the out come out be like.

As an alternative to sweets and processed sugar at such an early age, we give Little G-Man a range of fruit with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries being his favourite by far.


Salty foods

This isn’t actually too big a deal as we’re not big salt users, but it is recommended that little ones are given no more than 2g of salt a day. It can be tricky to keep an eye on how much he eats because some foods naturally contain salt but we always use unsalted butter for his toast, and HiPP Organic jars are always reliably restricted on additional salts.

The food we batch cook ourselves for Little G-Man, again as we’re not great fans, hardly ever contain additional salt as we tend to us herbs to add flavour. Stock pots, although an easy solution, do contain a large amount of salt so we usually get the reduced salt versions if possible.

Kallo Very Low Salt Organic Veg Stock Cubes

Oily fish

Little G-Man LOVES Dads Tuna Pasta Bake, a slightly adapted version of the BBC Good Food recipe, but as with all oily fishes, the concern over the small amounts of toxins that are present and can build up over time means it’s another food that is limited.

We tend to limit G-Man to one or two portions of Tuna Pasta Bake or Salmon Chowder per week, but plan to look at other alternatives that are slightly better such as cod, haddock, plaice and even skate.


If your toddler has asthma, hayfever or a food allergy, check with your health visitor or GP before offering foods containing peanuts. You should also do this if allergies run in your family. This way you can help to prevent a possible allergic reaction. Speak to your GP or health visitor for more advice.


Honey should be avoided by all parents of little ones under the age of 12 months due to them being unable to fight off the botulism bacteria can be found in contaminated honey.

Annoying, as we both suffer from Hayfever and the only thing that helps is a daily spoonful of local honey. Still there’s only a few more months until we can introduce it into his diet.

Pooh Bear Honey Pot

More advice

Take a look at the really useful Weaning Nutrition Guide HiPP Organic have produced and made freely available on their website. It includes useful pointers for keeping your LO healthy focusing on intake of Salt, Sugar, Fibre, Fat, Omega3 and Dairy


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