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Our #Bathtime Moments with HiPP Organic

Today saw the launch of a new Baby Skincare range from HiPP Organic and over the past 3 weeks, we’ve been lucky enough to test it out on Little G-Man.

Initially when we were asked, we were a little surprised that a food manufacturer was entering the skincare market, but on second thoughts, it kind of makes sense.

About HiPPs Skincare Range

HiPPs baby skincare range has been specifically developed to be free from anything sensitive skin doesn’t like and to minimise the risk of allergies. All of the new bath time items hold the “no tears” stamp too which is a joy for all parents and children alike.
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Little Finger Door Stoppers: Competition

With summer upon us, albeit for only a few days, no doubt that many of us had our doors open throughout the house creating a gentle breeze. The worry and concern for many parents are doors slamming and catching a little toddlers fingers, something that can easily be prevented with Little Finger Door Stoppers.

Babies and toddlers are simply unaware of the injuries that can be caused by fingers being trapped in a door. Door Stoppers help to prevent baby fingers from being trapped and they are very easy to fit, simply slipping over the side or top of a standard door to create a gap preventing the doors from closing fully.
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Lullaby Trust launch new Sudden Infant Death Syndrome website

Baby charity The Lullaby Trust has today launched a new dedicated website for young parents, in a bid to tackle rising rates of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in babies born to teenage mums.

The Lullaby Trust

The Lullaby Trust

Babies born to mothers below the age of 20 are four times more likely to die of SIDS than those born to mums aged 20 and over according to the latest figures on unexplained deaths in infancy, released by the Office for National Statistics.

Although the cause of SIDS is not known, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk. The new Little Lullaby website,, backed by The Big Lottery Fund will provide young and expectant parents with the opportunity to learn what they can do to lower the risk of SIDS. The Lullaby Trust works to promote information on safer sleep to all parents with the ultimate goal of halving the number of SIDS deaths by 2020.
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Baby First Aid Courses Should Be Compulsory

Now I’d survived the Parentcraft group, next up for me was a First Aid for Babies course. There was absolutely no point in J attending, after all working in A&E she has seen more than her fair share of injuries on both adults and children. I however, working in IT, would be looking for the CTRL-ALT-DEL button!

The last time I attended a first aid course was 18 years ago so thought it best to have a refresher at the very least. A basic understanding should mean that when J’s out and I’m left in charge, if anything does happen, I’m able to confidently deal with it – that’s the idea anyway!

First Aid Courses

Our local Children’s Centre, where we’ve just finished our ParentCraft courses, ran the First Aid course which was aimed at giving parents first aid training for babies under one year old. The course, which cost £22, covered;

  • Unconscious baby and child (breathing or not breathing)
  • Choking baby and child
  • Bleeding
  • Burns
  • Raised temperatures
  • Meningitis
  • Baby first aid

    Baby first aid

    All in all, the course was well worth attending, but I was a bit surprised that I was the only bloke! As it was run in the afternoon I can understand that it could be inconvenient for most, as people prefer to take their holidays AFTER the newborn has arrived. However I never imaged out of the 10 people attending I would be the only male, I expected there to be 2 or 3 of us.

    It Should Be Compulsory

    Personally I think these Newborn First Aid Courses should be made compulsory for all first time parents. Any sane parent wouldn’t leave a child in a nursery without properly trained medical staff (now a legal requirement) so as a newborn spends more time at home than anywhere else, why wouldn’t you get trained yourself?

    Places on these courses do fill up quickly at local Childrens Centres and had that been the case for me, I would have opted for the British Red Cross First aid for baby and child course that covers roughly the same things.

    If you want any further advice or guidance, St Johns have a dedicated section on their website for First Aid For Parents including a poster showing 5 Ways To Save A Babys Life.


    Review: Little Finger Door Protectors

    Mr Postman arrived this morning with another delivery from China. Once again, the purchase was made 2 weeks ago on the website and inside todays package were 10 Door Safety foam attachments costing a grand total of £1.96 delivered.

    As we have a mischievous Labradoodle, our doors are often left open allowing her to roam and find a cool spot over the past few days. Every now and then when a gust of wind picks up the doors slam and I mean slam. They close with so much ferocity it would bring a grown man to tears let alone a mini-person!
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