Goodnight World by Debi Gliori

Goodnight World by Debi Gliori

To have a storybook that sets your child up for their bedtime is a must with a little one. Goodnight World ticks many boxes where bedtime reading is concerned.

Throughout the 32 beautifully illustrated pages, not only do the rhymes create a gentle lilting lullaby, but the illustration of the book is warm and comforting for any child who is about to go to sleep especially those aged 0-5 whom this book is aimed at.

Goodnight World

This book helps your child say goodnight to their everyday encounters and not only settle themselves to bed, but also see that everyone and everything else is going to bed too.

From saying goodnight to the rockets and the trains, to the fishes in the seas, it really is a lovely book to snuggle down with your kids.

About the Author

Debi Gliori is a writer and illustrator of over seventy children books including the much-loved Mr Bear picture book series.

Born in Glasgow, she started writing children’s books in 1976 and attended art school in Edinburgh in the 80’s.

Great Illustrations

Nowadays, she works in her light-drenched garden shedquarters, surrounded by books and paints and one inflatable crocodile. A large percentage of Debi’s time is spent dreaming up new ideas that she can turn into books. She lives outside Edinburgh with her partner and five children.


George is currently obsessed with the moon, stars and Penguins – this book has plenty of lovely illustrations depicting all three as well as a beautiful family scene at the end that has got our family down to a T!

Pregnant mummy wrapping her arms around her toddler while the daddy reads the bedtime story. It even made J feel a little emotional reading the final pages.

Personal Message

Goodnight World has a blank page with a small illustration meaning a personal message for your little one could be written here, providing them with something to look back on in years to come.

The book is available online from a number of retailers, but we’ve found that our favourite online retailer, Boolino, currently have it reduced by 30%.


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