Our First Graduation Party

Our First Graduation Party

November has seen Lil G-Man attend his first graduation ceremony!

Yep, that’s right, he beat his own Mum and Dad to don his cap and gown and be awarded his certificate for completion of his year with the HiPP Organic Wean Team at the tender age of 14 months!!

HiPP Graduation Party

So what happens at a toddler graduation? Well we arrived at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens where we met up with the other graduates (babies) who we remembered from last year when we embarked on this journey.

graduation party

It was strange seeing all the little ones running around chasing balloons when only last year they were all being held or sleeping.

Everyone’s a winner

First of all, we had the HiPP Organic Wean Team awards where G was proudly awarded best ‘bubble’ hair thanks to HiPP Head to Toe Baby Wash.

Best Bubble Hair

As expected, every baby “won” an award just to be sure there weren’t any tears or tantrums.

A Weaning Journey Recap

Next we recapped the weaning journey we had taken with members of the HiPP family with a few interesting facts re-emerging:
– HiPP has lots of expert advice on its website, just like this guide which talks about feeding a fussy toddler.
– Did you know that the average toddler needs to eat roughly 95 kcal per kg of body weight? Take a look here for info on toddler portion sizes.
– You can find out more about which vitamin supplements are best for your toddler.

During this presentation, G-Man decided to go walkies with a bunch of helium balloons waving them in front of Helen who was trying her hardest to present – apologies!

Consumer Marketing

HiPP then gave us an insight as to what they plan in the coming months and asked our advice. Hopefully, unlike the current batch of “The Apprentice” participants, HiPP will take on-board our feedback.

Sadly we can’t list everything in too much detail due to NDA’s but keep an eye out for;
– a more uniform eye-catching design across the range of food
– additions to their range of foods including new tastes in their tray range
– a completely new range of snacks

Graduation Time

Next up came the moment we had all been waiting for since clocking 12 cap & gown outfits – the HiPP Wean Team graduation!

HiPP Wean Team Graduation

It was so sweet to see all the babies looking so smart in their green gowns and the fact that most babies managed to keep their caps on was amazing.

A final group picture concluded the happy day where we said our goodbyes to the fellow Wean Team members and the HiPP Organic team.

Final Thoughts

Its been a great year working with HiPP Organic and Cirkle, as well as keeping up to date on all the other wean team members.

The advice available to us has been invaluable and we found we’d regularly check the HiPP Organic website for advice at different stages through the weaning journey.

Thanks for letting us be a part of it.


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