Week 12 and everything looks good

Week 12 and everything looks good

The 12 week scan has been and gone. Despite trying to remain positive on the outside, inside, like any new parent, a whole mixture of emotions and questions were going through my head. Excitement mixed with worry and a whole load of what if…

12 Week Pregnancy Scan

Measuring in at 7.8cm and showing as being 13 weeks & 2 days pregnant, all of our fears subsided. Due to our ages and having to go through IVF we also opted for the additional NTL blood tests to be carried out, so before breaking open the champagne we’ve a wait of another 2 weeks.

We’ve decided there’s no reason not to start telling people and let the news trickle through, starting with the parents, and avoiding a Facebook announcement. Over time, we’ve found that there’s nothing worse when you’ve gone through failed IVF treatments, seeing announcements from friends who unknowingly fill your page with their happy news, yet keeping your own sad feelings buried. It’s bloody hard!

I have a feeling that this time, we’re going to come out trumps but until we have counted 10 fingers and 10 toes, we’ll be keeping it under wraps.

Our baby nickname

As the scan took place today, we have also decided to name it Pancake rather than the usual “bump”.

More Free Baby Stuff

We left the maternity ward with two bags of stuff, one containing countless pee sample pots, the other from Bounty that appears to contain product samples and advertising material as well as government forms.

Bounty has received negative publicity over the years following their controversial cash-for-access deals (see Guardian, Telegraph articles). Mumsnet even created a Bounty Mutiny campaign, so before handing over all of our personal details we decided to hold off.

Making the news

What was making the news on this momentous day? Below is a collection of front pages from the national newspapers dated 17 February 2015.


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