IVF Egg Transfer Day

IVF Egg Transfer Day

Today we headed off to have our IVF eggs transferred back, hopeful that “third time lucky” will come true for us. We already know that 8 of the eggs have made it thus far, and they’re looking pretty good. We headed straight in, knowing what to do and in what order. On went the gowns. On went the shoe nets. On went the hair net (which is odd for someone who is follicly challenged) and off we went into the lab with its UV lights.

Grading The Blasts

Before getting to this stage we’d already discussed and agreed between us to have 2 eggs put back to give us more chance, however when we were told of the results, a 20 minute conversation with two embryologists while legs were akimbo was had.

This time we had eight 5 day blastocysts ranging from 5AA to 4AB… better than the previous two attempts by far, despite previously following a strict healthy regime like clockwork and this time being more relaxed.

We changed our mind, right there in the lab, and had only one egg transferred based on the grading and the additional complications that can arise from twins. The remaining eggs were promptly sent off to the chiller cabinet.

The Wait

Egg transferred and now the wait. It’s horrible. Especially when you’ve been through this all before and it’s ended in disappointment. Not letting failure deter you from trying again is one of the hardest things ever. You’re at the miserable waiting stage yet on the outside you have to remain normal – not easy especially only days away from Christmas.

This is the first of many “waits” that follow. You’re not meant to do any pregnancy tests for days, but try telling any woman that! Jane ended up doing about 6 tests over the course of the next two weeks – mostly keeping it a secret from me. One minute she was excited, then disappointed, then excited again. Talk about a roller-coaster!

The official day came, and still the stick showed a smiley face. This was great as we’d never got this stage before. A few days before Christmas and we’ve got beaming smiles plastered across our faces. Sure, there is still a long, long way to go with lots more hurdles to overcome, but this, right now, is more than we could have ever asked form.

Understanding what’s happening

Wanting to fully understand what will happen over the coming months, I’ve downloaded the Pregnancy Plus app on my phone. Nice little app helping explain a whole bunch of stuff. Grab the Windows Phone or iPhone version.


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