QuidCo – How to earn £14 in 3 simple steps

QuidCo – How to earn £14 in 3 simple steps

The other day, my employer had WEALTH at work pay us a visit allowing us to discuss financial planning for the future. During the discussion that mainly centred around ISA’s and Mortgages, routine ways of saving money when shopping online was also discussed. Pretty much everyone used sites such as uSwitch and CompareTheMarket, but I was surprised at the number of people who either hadn’t heard of, or didn’t use QuidCo.

A little naive, but I thought EVERYONE had a QuidCo account?

Quidco Cashback

Quidco Cashback

What is QuidCo?

If you shop online, QuidCo is a website that allows you to earn a few extra £’s simply by visiting and shopping your normal way, using your regular online retailers.

The average QuidCo member can earn £280 a year. It doesn’t cost you a penny, to join and for a limited time when you open an account here (http://www.quidco.com/free250/) you will automatically get a credit of £2.50 to help start you off.

How does QuidCo work?

The easiest way to think of it is comparing it to the old door to door Avon sales people.

QuidCo get paid a percentage or set fee of any sales generated by people clicking on their links from retailers such as M&S, Mothercare and Boots. This “commission” is paid to QuidCo by the retailer who then give the customer a cut.

Gods Gift For Parents

New and old parents alike, know that little ones cost an absolute fortune so every little helps. QuidCo is great for parents as they have a whole host of baby related retailers all offering great cash-back incentives whether it be;

  • Clothing (Debenhams 5%, George 3%%)
  • Essentials (Mothercare 5%, Kiddicare 5%)
  • Nursery (Argos 5%, Mamas & Papas 5%)
  • Toys (Smyths Toys 3%, Toys R Us 3%)
Check your credit score

Check your credit score

Easy Way To Make £14

As an example, for ANYONE to make £14 takes only a few minutes of there time and three simple steps.

Step #1

Signup at http://www.quidco.com and you’ll receive £2.50 credit for your troubles.

Step #2

For an additional £5, request a 30 day free trial with Experian and give your credit rating a good going over. Checking your credit status helps to ensure nothing fraudulent has been recorded against you, but also means you can make sure that any previous loans and credit cards correctly show as paid off.

Make sure you make a note in your calendar to cancel before the end of your free trial to save any reoccurring charges.

Step #3

Pay £1 for a Which? 30 day trial and you’ll be credited with £7.50. While a member of Which? it’s great to make full use of when researching anything from prams and car seats, to the baby monitors or DAB radios.

Again, like all free trials, simply make a note in your calendar to cancel before the end of your free trial.

Boom! £14 in your pocket!

How Much Can You Make

It all depends on your shopping habits how much you’re likely to make in cash-back deals but QuidCo say the average person can make £280 per year in cash-back.

If you do a fair bit of online shopping then its a no brainer. Already this year we’ve accumulated nearly £250 in cash-back, although not all of it has been confirmed.

We’ve generated this by going about our usual online shopping but always using the QuidCo website. We also applied for a Nutmeg ISA, something we were always going to do, but used the QuidCo link to get an extra £100.

QuidCo Balance

QuidCo Balance

Now QuidCo works in-store for a number of retailers too meaning if you prefer shopping out and about you can still take advantage. Mothercare, for example, offers 3% cash-back if you buy in store using your registered debit card.

If you’ve not already done so, join today and get £2.50 free!



  1. 28th March 2016 / 12:02 pm

    Great advice, thanks! I already had an account but have done the Which? sign up now.

    • 11th April 2016 / 1:06 pm

      We love the Which? website. Found it very useful getting things ready for Little G-Mans arrival last year. We’ve used from everything from washing machines and irons through to baby monitors and car seats. It’s really useful to get a proper independent review of goods and especially helpful to compare the few you’ve short-listed over time.

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