Cruising with a bump

Cruising with a bump

We’re back, unpacked, refreshed and still reeling from the amount of food we consumed while aboard the new P&O ship Britannia where we’ve just spent 7 days sailing around the Norwegian Fjords in glorious sunshine (most of the time).

Feet up and kicking back

This is one cruise we would recommend anyone seeking a complete wind down coupled with stunning scenery to consider. We however also suggest sailing on an alternative P&O ship.

Britannia, although new and impressive, was just too big with 3,300 passengers and 1,700 crew. It didn’t feel overcrowded once on-board, however the main theatre only seated 900 so if you hadn’t managed to grab a seat 20 minutes before one of the shows started, then you either missed out or had to stand on your feet during the performance.

Again, due to the number of passengers and the reduced scale of amenities, all the speciality restaurants were fully booked before the end of the first day… for the whole of the cruise! The staff weren’t up to the usual P&O standard, maybe because they were still getting to grips with the ship themselves, but it just felt impersonal compared to other cruises we’d been on.

Despite all of this it was just what the doctor ordered and allowed us completely unwind in preparation for what awaits us in the coming months.

Kids on-board

So whilst we bobbed around in the ocean, we noticed there were a fair amount of new parents pushing little people around in buggies and prams, and for the record, yes we were checking out the makes and models of prams!

After checking with the P&O staff on-board, it turns out they a complimentary nursery service in the evening meaning parents can enjoy a meal, the entertainment and a drink or two.

Obviously there are restrictions on age and the number of consecutive sea days, but with prices from £49 for the entirety, it’s something we’ll check again next year!


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