Creating Pancakes Memories

Holstee Manifesto

Holstee Manifesto

Life should fun but also it should be seen as one big adventure and experience. Given the chance I would encourage anyone, including Pancake as he/she grows up, to live life always with the famous Holstee Manifesto in mind – not always possible I know.

I would love Pancake to have similar childhood experiences to those I had – experiences create their own memories. I didn’t see Mickey Mouse at Disneyland nor did I experience water slides in Tenerife year on year, mainly due to not being able to afford it, however the memories I do all have one thing in common – quality family time.

Maybe it was easier in those days with less distractions, but for the life of me, I wouldn’t swap playing Cluedo or Monopoly rather than watching the latest “The Only Way Is Benefits Street” rubbish.

Childhood Memories Revisited

I hope to create some fantastic memories like I was lucky enough to enjoy, and one day plan to revisit some with Little G-Man on our adventure of growing up together;

  • Regular school holidays spent on a farm in Sarn where we helped milk cows, rode the tractor (with milk churns – shows my age) and playing in the hay bales.
  • Imagining being the next Bond villain whilst exploring Electric Mountain.
  • Learning to canoe in Bala lake.
  • Walking UP Snowdon and getting the Mountain Railway DOWN.
  • Discovering stunning beaches in Scotland and Wales.
  • Staying in a Loch side cottage with no electricity and having to fish for our tea every night.
  • Sleeping on a boat while sailing to the Shetland Islands where I also saw an Atari for the first time and picked a fresh lobster for tea.
  • YHA’ing our way from Newcastle to Carlisle following Hadrians Wall.
  • New Experiences

    Along with the fantastic memories I have of the experiences above, also on the list for Little G-Man to experience include;