Competition Win: Water Babies Here We Come!

Competition Win: Water Babies Here We Come!

Whilst at the Baby & Toddler show the other week, one stand we made a beeline to was Water Babies. As previously mentioned, introducing Pancake to water as early as possible is one of our main priorities, having both grown up loving the water and becoming specialist scuba divers.

Whilst chatting to the reps at the show, we found out there are classes held on a weekly basis just 2 miles of where we live, so enrolling when the time comes is a no-brainer. Making up part of the Water Babies stand was a Mini stuffed full of balloons, which at the time we didn’t really understand.

Luckily, the Water Babies rep pointed out that they were holding a competition for those visiting the Baby Show – “Guess how many balloons are in the car and win 10 classes”.

Like most at the show, thinking we had little chance of winning considering the amount of attendees, we just stuck the first figure that came out my mouth, the ever faithful 76, and thought nothing else until today.

76, it turns out, was bang on the nose and we were randomly picked as the winner (two people guessed correctly) and called with the good news.

With 10 weeks of swimming courses already boxed off for Pancake starting some time in September, we couldn’t be happier considering it was something we were going to signup to anyway. Maybe we should start entering a few more of these competition things and who know’s what else we’ll end up with 🙂


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