Bounty UK Baby Club

Bounty UK Baby Club

The other day we were handed a “goodie bag” as we left hospital following our first scan.

A little apprehensive about filling in our details as requested as it came from “Bounty UK” who have received a fair bit of negative publicity over the years (albeit due to them turning up at your bedside minutes after you have given birth). Included in the initial “bag of goodies” was a form allowing us to claim yet another goodie bag, this one from Boots and titled “Mum-to-be Pack”!

Saturday we set off to our local shops and while out and about called into Boots and handed over our completed form. Another Bounty goodie bag was given to us in return. Our faces slightly puzzled, but still as it had “Contains £15 of samples” we were more than happy to accept.

£21,360 a year on nappies?

Once home, we opened the bag to see how it measured compared to the one we received from hospital. Wow what a let down! £15 of samples it says but other than leaflets we managed to find only 1 nappy, a pen & a sample of Dettol wipes.

I climbed inside the bag as surely something was missing unless each of these items really were £5 each? I know babies cost a lot of money but had no idea they cost this much! Based on up to 12 changes a day, at this rate its going to cost us £21,360 a year in nappies alone!

One of the leaflets was a form to claim a “Mum-to-be Pack”, again from Boots, which by the name of it I suspect is the exact same pack as we’d just claimed. I am now wondering if we claim enough, could we get a years supply of nappies…

Slightly let down thus far, we’re either doing something wrong, expecting too much or we’re simply joining the wrong “clubs”.


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