How big is G-Man

How big is G-Man

Let’s be honest, no little persons room is complete without a height chart showing their progress over the weeks, months and years. With his move to a bigger room not that far away, we needed a height chart for G-Man and when the opportunity was given to us to review a decal we jumped at the chance.

Admittedly, we had started to measure George on the door frame of his nursery (we had both grown up being measured like this) but we wanted something a little more fresh and funky to use.

Enter the Giraffe height chart from Ten Stickers. I’ll be the first one to say I was a little scared about using decals as I’ve seen others used before and they never seem to look like they should, or like they do on the website selling them.

Giraffe Height Chart

We also had the added pressure to get both the height chart measure calibrated and accurate which also meant no sloping or leaning charts! Challenge accepted we set about our task – which turned out to be incredibly easy.

We used a plumb line – and for something like a height chart, it’s pretty essential. As Jane is 5mth pregnant with Stuffing, it was easier for her to hold the top of the chart while I gently peeled and stuck, working my way down to the bottom. Simples!

The only small niggle was that our rooms have skirting boards and so as can be seen in the photos, the giraffes feet either needed to be trimmed or stuck on the skirting boards themselves. No big deal, but something to be aware of.

Peeling the backing paper off was straight forward too, and 25 minutes after starting… Ta-Daa it was done.

Giraffe Finshing Touches
We needed to go over the edges of the stickers with the heel of our hands as we had chosen a slightly textured wallpaper to use as our background but we can’t see that being a problem as the adhesive appears quite strong and we’ve not experienced any peeling yet.

Now all we needed was for Little G-Man to co-operate. We all know what 18 month olds would rather be doing – running around at speed with cars / planes / dirty nappies.

I'm this big
Turns out, he’s 77cm!

Our Ten Stickers Verdict

The Ten Stickers website is extremely simple to use and makes finding your perfect range of decals from the directory of 6956 designs very easy.

Whether you’re looking for something to brighten up your dining room, or, like us, your little ones nursery, then you will find you’re spoilt for choice.

Delivery was extremely quick and the decal arrived in a VERY sturdy tube, which is still in use by Little G-Man who thinks it’s the best toy EVER!

We found Ten Stickers to be competitively priced and the quality is exceptional. It’s one we’ll definitely be using again the future!


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