Bang! Bang! To the Beat of a Drum

Bang! Bang! To the Beat of a Drum

Our 7 week ultrasound scan is done and dusted marking another milestone. Being a typical bloke, I had no idea what to expect but had seen other peoples pictures on Facebook from “scans”. Admittedly I was a little disappointed to see just a “sack” on the ultrasound until something crazy happened.

Babys Heartbeat

A small white dot appeared, then vanished, reappeared, vanished. It was proof that this little black blob had a heartbeat that was beating perfectly in time and on the ultrasound scan looked like a very small light bulb was being turned on and off.

The embryo was measured from the top of its head to its “rump” and was 6mm and apparently weighs less than 1 gram.

Why a seven week scan?

As we’ve gone through IVF, it is common to have an early scan to confirm pregnancy and to check that the embryo is viable and “everything’s OK”. Also it allows them in the know to do a general check and to see if the ovaries have shrunk from the melons they once were following stimulation (the bit where they generate a shed load more eggs than normal).

What next?

Continue as normal. Continue making excuses as to why only one of us drinking (work and shift patterns are really helping us out here). Continue to keep our minds busy and whilst remaining positive, remembering “what will be, will be” and it’s now out of our hands.


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