Baghera Racing Car bagged on eBay

Baghera Racing Car bagged on eBay

It’s been a while since we bagged a deal on eBay, but I’ve just picked up our latest bargain, another second new car. Lukcily this one, a Baghera Pedal Car, cost considerably less than the first!

Baghera Racing Pedal Car

The Baghera Bolides were inspired by legendary racing cars in automotive history with their retro design echoing the streamlined styles of the 1930’s cars.

The car is fully adjustable at the pedals and the seat allowing it to be used by children up to the age of 6 years.

Since spotting one while on holiday in Corsica, I fell in love with the vintage feel of the Baghera range of cars, and hope that when Little G-Man is older, he’ll adore his customised pedal car.

Baghera Speedster Ride On

But it’s Pink!

I hear you, but the RRP for a Baghera Racing Car is £239 yet I have found them for sale on the web for around £190 – still a little pricey.

After scouring eBay for a couple of weeks, I managed to find one being sold locally that cost us under £50 second hand and at that price, I really don’t mind what colour it comes in 🙂

With a bit of patience and after enlisting the help of Grandpa, over the next few months I’ll be transforming this Classic Pink Pedal Car into a Racing Green monster using spray paint and lots of masking tape. Well that’s the idea anyway!

I say Racing Green, but to be honest I have not yet decided which colour to restore it to. Maybe baby blue?

I am actually quite tempted to push my creative skills and go down the two-tone route in order to try to replicate something along the lines of the Baghera Speedster Dark Red Ride On.

Watch this space!


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