Baby Sleep – Whats the secret?

Baby Sleep – Whats the secret?

Whats the secret to baby sleep? Nearly 9 months into being a Dad, sleep is quite possibly THE biggest thing I miss and remember almost taking up religion just to pray our little man took to it as soon as possible.

Right now we are at the stage where most nights we settle down around 7pm after his bathtime and night feed, but it doesn’t seem long when I used to do the dream feed around 11pm.

What Music Sends a Baby to Sleep?

Like most parents this was a question we asked in the first few weeks. We’d tried everything from sounds to replicate noises from the womb, to Jamie Cullum, with differing results, none of which were completely fool proof. Eventually we found one collection of music that has now been working for over 8 months – Baby Lullaby: Piano Lullabies with Nature Sounds of a Thunderstorm for Baby Sleep.

The album is available on Spotify, however I would strongly recommend paying for a premium account rather than using a free account that throws in adverts. The last thing you want is your little one drifting off after 2 songs only for a clip advertising Kanye West latest attempt at music to blurt out at full volume. It’s bad enough hearing him in the background!

Are Lullabies Helpful?

An interesting article in the Telegraph explains why lullabies really do send babies to sleep and goes as far to say that they can also ease pain and anxiety in children.

Lullabies have been proved to sooth an babys state of mind, and detach it from the baffling outside world. As soon as a lullaby begins, a sense of order infuses as melodious sounds a blessed relief from the world’s usual racket; the simple, repeating melody is also a source of comfort.

Remember that each baby is different and what suits one won’t necessarily suit another, but if you’re struggling give the Baby Einstein album a go. Like most things with a baby, you can’t expect instant results so give it 3 days. Whatever works for you, be sure to build it into your little ones bath/night time routine.


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