Baby Names Revisited

Baby Names Revisited

Aware of the fact that Pancake isn’t an ideal name for a baby, with less than 12 weeks until our due date is upon us, and aware that over 33% of parents decide on a name in the second trimester, we’ve decided to take another look at baby names.

Sadly our previous short-list which we kept on my mobile phone, vanished not so long ago following the Beta testing of the latest Windows Phone 10 OS update. So it’s time to start over again…

All Hail The NameBerry

This time we’re keeping track of our list on NameBerry, a website we discovered back in February, and one I find rather addictive as it shows what people are searching for in real time (Ulysses, Lark, Sawyer, Ichabod…).

Trying to drum up a list of baby names we like that aren’t already in use by our immediate family is proving a little difficult.

We both like old fashion names, but due to our surname, we are restricted somewhat as name compatibility comes in to play with certain ones. Even if we wanted to, there is no way we could choose Autumn, Jack, David or Dee – work it out 😉

Baby Name Considerations

As we give more time to thinking of baby names, we’re also aware that there a number of additional things we need to give consideration to such as initials and possible nicknames. I guess as you only get one chance, it is worth trying to anticipate any potentially embarrassing ones that could cause issues in the future.

So our baby name list is live, and over the next few days and weeks we’ll hopefully drum up some more boys names as currently it is 15-5 to the girls!


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