AC/DCs Chris Slade approves of G-Man

AC/DCs Chris Slade approves of G-Man

Being a life long fan of AC/DC and having attended numerous concerts I, like other AC/DC fans, were disappointed with the news that Brian Johnson would no longer be part of their latest UK tour dates.

Having seen Brian perform in Wembley only last year, he is undoubtedly going to be missed by AC/DC staunch supporters as Axl Rose steps in (or should I say wheels in) to mixed reactions.

Still, for me, the AC/DC concert at Manchesters Etihad Stadium, is a chance of seeing one of my favourite bands, albeit with a slight twist, perform another amazing show. Also it’s a chance to enjoy a night away with the boys and possibly getting a good nights sleep.

Chris Slade Prodigy

I hope as Little G-Man grows up, he’ll follow in our footsteps when it comes to music and learn to play the piano and that his taste in music is eclectic as mine. To encourage him, I occasionally have AC/DC playing in the background and he picks up on the beat quite easily, paying special attention whenever Thunderstruck is played on the radio.

The other day while feeding him breakfast I turned on Back In Black and within seconds he was bashing his spoons like a professional drummer, pausing at the right moments and holding them aloft for admiration. Not bad for someone who’s not yet 9 months old!

A few days later, Chris Slade, AC/DCs current drummer, discovered our little video on Twitter and liked it so in my eyes, he already has approval from one of the best! 🙂

Sadly Little G-Man is far to young to join me in Manchester but at least he’s showing good taste in music at an early age.

Now I just need to find a way to ask Chris for a signed poster for when our Little G-Man is older. If you’re reading this, any chance Chris? 😉


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