About Me & This Site



  • I’m Chris
  • an (early) forty-something new Dad
  • married in 2014
  • live with my wife & Labradoodle
  • before Little G-Man arrvied I used to cook, bake and scuba-dive

About my blog…

  • plan to document what it’s like being completely out of control in becoming a dad for the very first time
  • hoping for any advice or guidance from other dads on what to do, say and expect
  • it’s from a blokes point of view
  • I want to record, for posterity more than anything, what it’s like being a new Dad as I go through this exciting yet daunting journey
  • somewhere I can keep details of what I stumble across
  • I’ll be reviewing products as we go along

Advertising #PRFriendly

  • Happy to chat about advertising on NewDad.io and the different advertising options available, including sidebar display and in-line posts adverts
  • Also happy to discuss product reviews and sponsored articles if they are right for my blog

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