A Kick – Now Its My Turn

A Kick – Now Its My Turn

I have to admit that outside of the initial excitement of seeing a smiley face on a stick and the ultrasounds, the first few months of pregnancy are a little boring and I say that as a man who is very much looking forward to becoming a dad.

The day-to-day events are just not that amazing – sure J’s body is changing, and I’m trying to do more around the house when she lets met, but other than that (and the constant grazing) there’s nothing much else. However today was an exception!

Happy days!

For exactly two weeks since J first felt Pancake kick, she has enjoyed the feeling of Pancake wriggle around kicking now and then, but not being able to share it. Whenever I’ve gone for a feel, Pancake has decided to have a rest. Today that all changed.

What a very odd feeling it is when you first feel a little person inside stretching, kicking and flipping over. I remember the sensation a few years ago with my god-daughter but it’s even more special when its your own.

Within minutes all other worries about job security, whether we’ll be good parents and such like seemed so insignificant.

Whoomp! There it is!

We were chilling in front of the TV when J grabbed my hand and said “Feel”. After 2 minutes I was bored as nothing had happened again, but she made me keep my hand there, waiting… and waiting.

It was just a small one, but what an amazing feeling and like most who have already experienced it, it was impossible for me to not smile. Returning to the TV I thought hang on, how many opportunities am I going to get to experience this? I put my hand back on the bump but sadly Pancake and done enough exercise for the day.

It’s certainly a precious moment that I’ll never forget or take for granted that’s for sure.

I’m looking forward to feeling it more regularly, getting stronger and then busting some serious moves in the coming months.

Making the news

What was making the news on this momentous day? Below is a collection of front pages I’ve collected dated 31 March 2015.


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